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I became a Cats fan when I saw it in New London Theatre,after this I began to watch the video as often as possible. My favourite cat is Quaxo/Mr.Mistoffolees and because of that I´m a Jacob Brent fan. I also like The Rum Tum Tugger and all the other cats. So if you want to mail me I would be glad to meet some Jellicles to talk about everything a Jellicle is interested in!
I began a cats fanatic when I first saw the production 3 years ago. My fav cats are RUMPLETEAZER (Jo Gibb) & DEMETER (Aeva May). I'm 13.

I became a CATS fan when my sister got the video. I instantly loved it. I began watching it every day to memorize the moves, lines, and music. My sister even tried hiding the video so I would stop watching it! Finally, I couldn't concentrate during school because I kept thinking about the music, so I bought the Cd. I hate letting my brother and sister borrow it, and I listen to it all the time! My favorite cats are Mistoffolees, Jemima, Victoria, Rumpleteazer, and Etcetera. Meow!

I became a Cats fan is probably when I was five and I saw my first show of Cats and I fell in love with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I became interested in Cats a year ago when my performance arts troupe did an ameture production. By that time it had closed on Broadway :( Anyway I loved the whole experiance of the performance and I loved the video (We watched it alot to learn the music). My favorite cat is Mungojerrie (Drew Varley is so cuuuuuuuute!) I would love to hear from any one.
P.C. Ryan

I found cats two months before it closed and I loved it but then it closed so at first I thought I could never be in it. Why cry? I say we alln e-mail sir a.l.webber at and send him multiple letters allowing the public to put on amiture performances. later I will tell you how to get the licence.
Well, my friend Maria came over one day and brought the video. We decided to watch it, and I got scared by the time Bustoffer Jones came on, so we shut it off. The next day, I was just dying to see it! I had a burning urge of curiosity to finish watching it. Well, needless to say, I fell in love. I couldn't get enough of it. I bought a copy immediately. In one weekend alone, I watched it 73 times! The sad part is, it was just a Saturday and a Sunday, not an extended weekend! Maria watched it with me a lot of the time, but she got sick of it and stopped watching it. She hates it now, and I tell her she just had a bit of an overload and she should still watch it because its the greatest musical of all time. Anyway, I'm keeping a running count for the amount of times I've seen the movie. I'm up to 301 times. If I counted the timed I've listened to the soundtrack, I'd be well over 500. I have a lot of merchandise. The movie cast is the best. My favorite cat is Bombalurina-there's no compitition. On July 5th, I'll be going to see it on Broadway. Well, to all of you CATS fans out there, CATS rocks! Keep watching! Ya know... they should make Pokemon a musical... it would be a smash hit-just like CATS! If Andrew Loyd Webber could do the music, it would be spectacular!
I'm 18 years old. I'm a freshman at University of Illinois. My favorite Cats are Jemima, Mistoffolees and Victoria. I like Jemima because she has that really cool singing part, she tries to help Grizabella and she was played by Sarah Brightman in the OLC. I like Mistoffolees because he's magical. I like Victoria because she tries to help Grizabella also. I'm also a huge Phantom of the Opera fan, and I absolutely love Sarah Brightman.
I'm a twenty-three year old guy in Wilmington, NC. I am a pretty recent convert to CATS but I'm never going back to life without it. I love Mr. Mistoffelees, and especially Jacob Brent... *sighs*. (I wonder if he'd marry me?) Would love to talk to other new / old CATS fanatics.
E-mail me and tell me who you like. We can talk about CATS the musical and the video! I became a CATS fan when I first saw it on Broadway in June of 1997! Now I own the Original Broadway Cast- Complete Soundtrack and the Video! I can't wait until the making of the video comes out next year! My favourite characters in the video are Mr. Mistoffelees, Alonzo, Munkustrap, and Rum Tum Tugger. Bombalurina and Demeter are also great! I have watched my CATS video at least 100 times since I bought it and I am surprised it hasn't been worn out or broken yet. *laughs* I am a college student majoring in basic Theatre (Community College), which I plan to major in Musical Theatre when I transfer. It is my dream to be in CATS and be with all of the BEST actors and actresses that play the characters I mentioned above. P.S. I am 19 years old and I range between 5' 6"- 5' 8" (Jacob Brent's height!)

I became obssesed with the musical cats when my best Sophie showed me the video and i have been dancing and singing to it ever since. I dont really have a fav cat or song, they are all great. I am dating a guy who is in cats and my friends cousin was in it she played Victoria in broadway.

My name's Rebecca, online I go by Kirsty. I've always known CATS and always loved it. My parents had often told me about it cuz they love it, too. I always wanted to see it. 1998 though, years later, when I finally got to see it in Hamburg, I didn't even want to. Starlight Express was more important to me and I didn't care really about CATS. But then, when we actually saw it, everything came back. I searched for all of my CATS brochures and everything I owned of CATS. Now, in the years 2000, I finally got the video and got a chance to get opinions of the Cats, to know who's whose mate and so on. I love CATS just as much as Starlight now, and my favourites are Alonzo, Munkustrap, Mistofellees and all of the kittens. Now and forever, dancing in my heart!

I am 17 (2001), and I live in North Wales. I first saw the second half of the cats video when it was shown on BBC. Before this, the only thing that I knew about Cats was that it was a musical with 'Memory' in it. The effect that it had on me made me go out the next day and buy a copy of the video. At first, it was only the music that I liked (I loved some of the harmonies in it) but over time, I started to enjoy the other aspects of it. I do not know anyone else who is interested in Cats, which is why I posted this message. I can also be contacted using MSN/Yahoo Messenger using this address.
I became a CATS fan when I started getting interested in Andrew Lloyd Webber's musicals, in 1990, after being in a school production of Jesus Christ Superstar. I'd got a book about the musicals and CATS was in it. I got curious, hired the CD from a , adored it and decided that - if I ever got to London again - I would go and see it. Being in Scotland, with parents who weren't keen on travelling, it didn't seem likely. Plus, I found out I missed the tour cos it was so badly promoted. Then, the video came out and gave me something to hold on to. I was hooked. Since then, I've been to London twice to meet CATS mates and to see the show (in March 2000 & May 2001), plus I spent almost 2 weeks in NYC and saw the show 10 times in June 2000. Now, I have autographs, photos, my own (bad) costumes and about a dozen different CD's and cast recordings. Think I'm hooked? I can only get worse ;)
I've seen Cats live on Broadway 3 times, and will be seeing it again on April 14th, please contact me if you are also! I'd love to talk in person with another Cats fan! I was first interested in Cats when I saw it 5 years ago. It sparked my Broadway interest and changed me forever. The first thing I said, walking out of the theater, was "Mom, what play am I going to see next?" I was hooked for life. I'm also making a Bombalurina costume, please let me know if you have any tips on the legwarmers!!

i love the musical cats. I'm Irish Dancer. I love playing the piano and sing. I can not wait for it to come back to broadway so I can join the cast. My fav. cat is Demeter. I also like Grizbella. I show the last running of Cats as it was leaving Broadway.

I'm 14 years old and a HUGE fan of cats. When my mom rented it for me i didnt think i would like it. turns out i did. my grandma liked it to so she bought me a copy. now im buging my mom for the cd. My mom hides it but i always find it. my fav. characters are Jemima, Demeter, Bombalurnia, and Rumpleteazer

I first became interested in CATS when I saw it advertised on tele! I then got the video as a present, and I just fell in love with it! Soon after I started to learn the words,dances,the movements and cat like movements of Jemima(Veerle Casteleyn) and Rumpleteazer (Jo Gibb) My mission was to meet Veerle and I saw her perform as Jemima at the New London Theatre but I never got to meet her coz we would have missed the tube! anyway I then met Jo Gibb when she was in Aberdeen performing in The RockyHorror Show I got pics taken with her and met up with her 3 times!!! ! I met Veerle on the 30th of May and we are exactly the same size!! she is very nice and friendly! I got her autograph and picture taken with her!

I became a cats fan when I saw it on the tv from then on I Kept seeing if I could find it and then I did.My favourite characters are Rumpleteazer,mungojerrie,dementer,rum tum tugger,bombalulina, Jemima and Victoria. I love cats so much because it's really good and funny.My favourite song is mungojerrie and rumpleteazer I really want to have some one who understands what I mean.
Samantha and Abbie

we are both huge fans of Cats mainlly cause when we where little our parents had the record and we both loved it so much we dicited that we where Rumpelteazer and Mistoffoles. Abbie is doing a report on Cats
I'm a girl ho is 13 years old an from Sweden. I have been a Cat-fan since November then a saw the show on The New London Theater. My favourite character are The Rum Tum Tugger, I think that John Partridge was very good as he. I also got the video in Christmas-gift, and I look at it every day. I wont to be in the show in the future.

Í know CATS from my Theater Workshop. We are acting it out. So I got the CD.I listend to it every minute.Then I got the video.And than I loved it!!! Im trying to work out the dance from the video,Im searching around the Internet for CATS,I wanted to go to the show. I just love CATS !!!!!!!! My favourite charater is Bombalurina.

I am 15 years old and a big Cats-Fan. I'd like to talk about Cats with fans of other countries. I am from Germany. I became Cats-fan when I heard the music in the age of 5 or 6. I have seen the musical two times. First in Hamburg, second in Stuttgart. In my free time I draw Cats-Scenes, listening music, Tv *^^* and many other things. If you are interested please write me. I'd be very very happy.
The first time I saw "Cats" was at a friend's house. Our drama teacher had let her borrow the tape, and she was in the middle of it when I came over. We ate dinner together, and then we sat down to watch it. Well, I wasn't thrilled with first. Then, as it went along, I began to become more and more engrossed. I was completely hooked after "The Rum Tum Tugger." Since then, which was middle January of 1999, I've seen the National Tour in my hometown of Gainsville, Florida, own the movie and the soundtrack, and am a member of some Internet "Cats" RPGs! If you'd like to know more about me, just click on my name!
I live in London and I first saw Cats when I was really little but I was petrified of Macavity, so I didn't love it, but me and my sister had the soundtrack and used to dress up (as best we could) and perform itfor our parents (as best we could)! I remember loving Mr Mistoffeles andnow, having seen it shown on TV and recording it and watching it loads oftimes, I'm in love! I agree with a lot of the character theories especiallyabout Mr MISTOFFELES and VICTORIA and JACOB BRENT really is the mostadorable. I really would like to talk to someone who feels the same soplease mail me.
I first became a Cats fan at Performing Arts summer camp, when I met two other Cats fans. They showed me all the songs and pictures they had with them and then they performed Macavity at the final show. I was intrigued, and so I rented the movie. I was in at once. I watched it over and over until my Mom started thinking I was completely obsessed. I guess I am. I've been singing and dancing all over my house for weeks. A little bit ago my friend and I were doing the Macavity dance in my front driveway and blasting the music out my window from my computer. We got a bunch of people staring at us. It was kind of funny. Anyway, I am now a Cats devotee and I play to go see it in London in the Winter. My fave characters are the Rum Tum Tugger (Meow--John partridge is sooo hot) Mr. Mistoffelees (yummy-- Jacob Brent rocks!) and Macavity (awesome).
I'm from Australia and I'm a brand new CATS fan. CATS just came to my home town of Wagga Wagga the week before last (18/01/01) and I saw it for the first time. I was soooooo in love with the production and Rum Tum Tugger that the next day, I bought tickets to the Saturday night performance and equally enjoyed it. They only did 7 shows in Wagga as the production is touring around Australia in a huge tent theatre, but I would love to see it again (and again). I will be buying the video and CD next week and am now even more excited after hearing such great things about the video. I would love to hear from other CATS fans and hear your experiences..


I first became a CATS fan when I visited my Grandma for the first time. She had the CATS video and watched it with me. I loved it. I know every song. I know most of the bloopers. My fav is when Jellyorum falls on her buttox. I go online almost every day. I am 13. My real name is secret unless we are penpals. I do not like giving my age. I am a girl. Shugriva means "Sweet-Streangth". Shugriva is the name of my made up CATS charecter. She is a wiccan black cat with a white blotch on her stomach. Her fav spell is the teeny tinkerbell she learned on Buffy. I'm also a fan of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, (figures!), Animorphs, and South Park. I am wiccan. I live in Washington. Not telling where though. Even if you guess right. My fav cats are Shugriva, Demeter, and Misto/Quaxo.


I am a big fan, and I have played in several small productions in my city; as Victoria, Grizabella, and Mungojerrie. I also played in a performance at age 8, and they gave the big parts to the older people, so I was Gypsica, a made up cat. (mixture of Jessica and Gypsy :oP) Need info on making costumes, AIM me: Sillabub0 but only for that reason!


Well, I became a Cats-fan when I saw the video for the first time. I got a crush on it! I love it! I think it's like ar dream coming true, and my highest wish, is that I will play in it some day. It seems so far away, but my ballet-teacher claims that I could do it by now! So the next time our theater is putting it up, she's gonna call me out for audition, isn't that amazing!! I look forward to it, I do, I do, I do!!!

I am a Completely Obsessed Cats Fan. I first saw Cats aged six, and according to my mum sat "with my mouth hanging open the whole way through, we came back about a week later." Since then i've seen it a total of eight times, not counting the video, and as I'm only 13, with tickets the prices they are, this is no mean feat! I am totally obsessed in virtually every way imaginable. I've even more obsessed than i was with Phantom, (aged ten, cry? cry? I RAINED tears!) My favourite cat is Victoria, then Quaxo, (JACOB! JACOB! WOOHOOOO!) and all of you in the UK the best Grizabella EVER is currently at the New London, so hurry! I can talk about any cat, any song, and write quite a lot for the Interactive story, and I love this site! I can also play memory on the piano, not bad for a grade two twit who mixes up minims and semibreves!

Hello, I am in touch with Jacob Brent (I know em), and he gave his picture not too long ago. If you want it, you have to put a word in for me on your site please.


i started to be a cats fan when we got the video and i'm practicing all the dance moves and i'm really good i'm even teaching my mom the steps my fav cats are demeter, bomba, rumpleteaser, and jemima i wish some day i could be in cats so that is my life dream and my goal... the only problem is that i can't decide wich of my fav cats i want to be...

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