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This is a place for other Cats fans to contact you. If you'd like to join, please send your first name or alias, e-mail address, and a short description about yourself.

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I became a major Cats fan when I saw the 'Hey Mr Producer' special on Cameron Mackintosh. I loved the Cats parts, and went out practically the next day to get the album. I got the Original London Cast Highlights album, and played it over and over again. I then went out to find the video of it, and bought that soon after. Once I watched the video, I found it hard to like anything else. My mother is so sick of it, she has started singing the songs, and this is the first time I've ever cried for half an hour, and screamed whenever a CD has gone missing. I haven't seen the musical, but I will be later in January. My fave characters are Bombalurina, Tugger, Mungojerry, Rumpleteazer and Demeter. I'd love to have someone to talk to who actually understands what I'm talking about.
I am 25 years old from New York. I first became attracted to Cats when I saw it on Broadway 3 years ago. Something about it consumed me and left a gaping hole inside of me that only it could refill. I saw the video (which I now own) and fell completely in love with it all over again. The video cast is absolutely amazing, my favorites being Veerle Casteleyn, Jo Gibb, and Michael Gruber. I watch the video daily and plan to see Cats again on Broadway in October 2000. Anyone care to join me?
I first saw CATS in Calafornia with my parents at the paramont theatre. I knew then that I was going to love the play so much. Thiss year my step mam got cats for christmas, and I recorded it on a casset tape... I listen to it a whole lot!!! Ii first saw it when I think I was 8 or 9... I'm thirteen now.
I'm a major CATS fan. My friend loved cats and insisted I see it. I already knew it would be good, because I had heard it over the phone, and knew the song "Macavity" before a song a second of it. After I saw it once, I couldn't stop. I've seen it 17 times and my friend's seen it 28, and we don't even own it yet! I love it, their pictures are plastered all over my walls, and if anyone knows how I can get CATS wallpaper, please tell me.

I became a CATS fan when I got the Video. I take karate, I surf the net looking for CATS stuff, I have 6 nephews (one that is becoming a CATS fan), I have a dog, and I watch CATS everyday and I can't wait for them to come to the city I live in.
I first became a CATS fan when I visited my uncle and aunt in New Jersey. My aunt had a surprise for me, wich turned out to be tickets to the CATS Brodway. I LOVED it! I really loved Victoria. When I came home to Texas, I went to the nearby mall and bought the video and CD. I now know all my favorite songs by heart. I even got my best friend to like to like it. Her favorite character is Rum Tug Tugger. I plan on making a Victoria costume for the Halloween Dance at my school. I am even thinking on making a website about CATS. Talk to me!
I'm a big fan of Cats. I love Munkustrap he is my favorite cat. I"m 20 yrs. old. I watch my video of Cats everyday when can. My niece loves it too she sing every word and try to dance just like them.
I absolutely love Cats! It all began when we were watching it in Literature class during school. I instantly fell in love w/ it. That night, I begged my mom to rent it for me so I could watch it at home and she said she would. I was soooo happy! I watched 50 times exactly in a row. What I mean by "in a row" is put the movie in, press play, watch till the end and even do some of the dances, stop, rewind, play, watch till the end, stop, rewind, etc. I finally got the DVD for Christmas, 2001, along w/ some other famous movies by Andrew Lloyd Webber. My favorite guy cats are Tumblebrutus and Alonzo. My favorite girl cats are Jemima and Demeter. I hope to see Cats on Broadway and in London and even meet one of the cast members. CATS NOW AND FOREVER!!
I'm a big Cats fan. Every night when I get home I go to my bedroom and dance to the music for at least an hour. I have seen Cats on stage three times, twice when it came to Chattanooga, TN. And once when I went to London and saw it in the West End Theatre. I would love talking to another fan.
I am 15 years old! I am a total CATS fanatic! I am soooooo obssessed and my friends threaten to hit me everytime I start singing or talking about CATS!!!! I had never even seen CATS a few years ago; I had heard of it but never considered seeing it untill my aunt suggested I would like it. I had heard the song "Memory" but I didn't even know it was from CATS untill my piano teacher brought the music for me to play and I thought it was soooooooo beautiful that I had to see it!!! Finanally for Christmas I got the video and became obssessed!!!!! I watched it 10 times a day and it is now part of my VCR!!! Just last week I went to New York and saw CATS!!!! TWICE!!!!! The first time I saw it I had front row seats!!! I got to meet the cast and they signed my playbill!! I also got to walk on stage during interminsion and bye an autographed poster from Demeter!!! It was soooooooooo cool!!!! Well I'm sorry for this being so long but I could go on for hours! I love everything about CATS!!! My fav characters are Mistoffelees and bombalurina and I was really happy to meat Julius!!!

I've LOVED the musical CATS ever since I saw it for the first time in Seattle. Phantom of the Opera is still a top favorite, but CATS was more my kind of play. It was very enjoyable, has great music and great characters. My favorite cats are Bustopher Jones and especially Magical Mr. Mistoffelees! It didn't take long after the video came out before I memorized the entire play!
I'm a huge Cats fan! I'm 17 years old. I first became a Cats fan two years ago when I first saw the show live in Syracuse, Ny. And I must say that I think the show had quite a few hotties in it! Especially the Rum Tum Tugger! He's so fine! I also like John Partridge from the movie who played Tugger. I rewind his song and watch it over and over!( pretty sad huh, lol!) Anyways, its not everyday that you see a cat with a cute butt! This goes for Michael Gruber too! So if anyone comes in contact with either one of the two hotties, Ya'll best be sendin them my way! lol! I'll be in New York for the summer. Love all you Cats fans! P.S.- The Rum Tum Tugger is curious beast! (when it comes to me, lol!) J/k!

I became a Cats fan when my sister forced me to watch the video. I kind of liked it and then I saw it live. That is when I became hooked. I bought the video for myself along with the cd and I saw it live again, this time with a backstage tour included. I then proceeded to get my best friend hooked on it also. Now everytime I go over to her house or she comes to mine we watch it at least once and then watch our favorite songs. If there is time we watch it again. We are planning on going to New York this summer to see it on Broadway because we know the guy who plays Mistoffelees.

When I was 9 years old at the time (I'm 10 now), I saw the ad for the cats video. It was brillient and I'm so lucky because it was my birthday in two weeks, so I thought to myself if I shout out in my loudest voice ever and sound realy REALY despret for the vid then I would get it for my birthday!!And I was so right,cous' at this very moment I have my cats video on pause.I've seen the stage play about 50000,000 times (in my dreams). My fave charictors are Bombalurina (no.1on my list) ,Rum Tum Tugger(no.2 on my list),Electra(no.3 on my list). At my stage school we did cats!And I was guess who... BOMBALURINA!!! We had to do it over and over again for 4 weeks!!!
I became a cats fan when I heard about it. I didn't know what it was really but it looked really cool. I love "CATS" because the music and dancing is so cool and I like cats in general.
I'm a teen who had heard of CATS and always wanted to see it. Since I live in the middle of nowhere that was easier thought/hoped/prayed for than done. Then I heard the PBS was doing a special of it and I knew I had to see it. When it started playing I was totally ready and had a video recording it form square one. I fell in love. After the TV played it I rewound the tape and watched it. I absolutly loved it. Within a month or two I'd watched it enough to have every song memorized. Within six months I had learned the dance to Macavity just from watching it. My mother got me the actual tape of it for x-mas that year. Through CATS I met my current second (only time wise, I met the other one first) Best friend. Together, me, my two Kitty and Shawn and Shawn's mother and sister went to see the CATS tour. CATS has inspired me to dream my current dream, to be on Broadway. It has introduced me to my on of my Best Friends. It has shown me other worlds in other musicals. It's sparked my imagination. At times I think it kept me from being suicidal. CATS is truly dancing in my heart forever.
I became a Cats fan a few years ago after a television special. I've since seen it twice (in a space of a month) and I've fallen in love with every aspect of it. Fave characters are Demeter, Macavity, Bombalurina and Jemima, but I love them all. I alsolove writing fan fiction.

I'm 16. i became a major CATS fan 5 yrs ago. i got the cd, the cassette tapes, then i finally got the video this christmas. i know every dance move and song from the video. i watch it every day. and i can really point out all the idiotic and hilarious stuff they do. and o-yeah, my two favorite cats are Munkustrap and Skimbleshanks. YEA-ME!!!!!! so uh-email me and uh...i guess thats it.
My parents took me and my sister to see CATS since its going off Broadway in September. As soon as the first CAT came out...i knew i was hooked! I was really lucky, too...because i was seated on the aisle in the sixth row orchestra level! I actually got to hold some of Mistoffelees' props for him during the 'pekes and pollicles' number! also, Rumpelteazer came right to me at the end of the show! I ran out the next day and bought the selections from the Original Broadway Production (hopefully i'll get the london selections soon). I was browsing through some of my videos about two days later, and found the CATS video that I had received for Christmas a year ago. I popped it in the VCR and..welll...its still there! The show is just too favorite characters are Rumpelteazer, Demeter, Mistoffelees, Plato, Alonzo, Mungojerrie, Etcetera, and Jemima.

I'm 13 I love cts so much because when I went to see it I met Munkstrap He gave me his autuograph and phone and email we became raly good friends and he is my favirite charetor And i love the music my favirite Songs are the rum tumtugger Mistofleesi The battle of the peeks and the pollicals and Macavity

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