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I am a now 19 year old who never saw Cats before till I got it for Christmas. The first time I watched it I fell in love with it. I watch it everyday now before I go to bed because I cannot stop watching it. My two favorite characters are Demeter and Munkustrap, in my opinion they make a very cute couple and Macavity is just a creep. I also like Bombularina, Rum Tum Tugger is ok, and Rumpleteazer is funny. I just wish I could get more things on this musical, if anyone knows how I can please email me. I would really appreciate it.

P.S. My favorite animal in the whole world is a cat, that's why I love this musical. It's the best musical in the whole world.

I started to love cats because i had to sing memory's so I had to see what she acted like and i just thought i'd watch it all its a good thing I had it for 3 weeks so that was ok. The person that really coult my eye was rum tum tugger he is a stunner. Now i'll tell you a little bit about myself I'm 13 I'm mad i'll do anything I would love to be a Singer or a Dancer or an Actress anything like that I dont mind.
I became a 'Cats' fan when I saw the very end of it on PBS. I went out the next and bought the video and memorized it, word for word and step for step. When we got a DVD player I had to get the DVD version because I had almost worn out the video. Oopsies! My favorite male cat is Misto, especially when played by JB (I met him! HA!!), then Munk, specially when MG is playing him (met him too. NYAH!), and Tugger. My fave Tugger is Stephen Bienske (total hottie!) Ok. I'm rambling. Anyway, my fave queen is Bombi (Rosmarie Ford), then Demeter (Celina Carvajal, B-way), then Rumpleteazer (both versions), then Victoria (Missy Lay Zimmer, B-way).

I am a BIG CATS fan. I have loved it ever sinceI went to see it in New York. I have fallen in LOVE with Jacob Brent. If anyone has any information on where I can find printable pictures of Jacob Brent or Michael Gruber, please tell me.

i first fell in love with CATS when i was 2 and got the original cast recording for my birthday.I began listening to it again a couple of years ago and have listened to it every other day since. I saw the musical last year and fell in love with it all over again. I have the video and whatch it non-stop.My family were getting so sick of it that they put a t.v in my room (not that i minded!) my main goal is to be in CATS and i'm already registed with the "really useful theatre company" who notify me when auditions are around.I would love to talk to anyone who really loves CATS!

I first became a Cats fan just in the year of 1999. I had heard a few songs on the radio, and off records and CD, mostly 'Memory'. I first saw the entire musical, on Christmas Day. Unfortunately I had to go out that day, to visit relations. So, I set up my VCR to record the musical, luckily for me it worked **for once**. I watched it, and I instantly fell in love with the musical. It was well structured, beautiful actors, wonderfully written songs, and the scenery. Basically everything caught my eye. My favourite character throughout the entire musical, is hard to pin point. I love Victoria's innocence, how she accepted Grizabella while others just turned their backs to her. Grizabella also, how sad and alone she was, until finding acceptance with Old Deutornomy. Then there's Mr. Mistofolies, oh, he was and still is fantastic. Then there's Skimbleshanks the Railway cat, he was marvellous as well. As you can see, I have a hard time deciding who is my favourite. Such as Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer for their partnership, Old Deutornomy for his leadership, Rum Tum Tugger for being exciting, Mugstrap **or is it Mungstrap?** for his bravery with fighting Macavity, adding also Macavity for being so slick. I have never seen it on stage, and probably never will. The time it came to Australia, I was too young to see it, and missed the chance to see Britain's longest running Musical. So I make up for my loss with drawings, and of course being a fan of a wonderfully mastered musical.
I obviously love CATS. :) I saw it once when I was in second grade, and forgot much about it until the release of the video. Since then I've been a rabid fan. I've seen it live twice since then, once in costume. :) I'm hoping to find some other CATS fans in my area, since I know only of those in other states. Anyone out there live in Maryland? I'm always ready for an email from anyone!
This was how I became a big cats freak. When I first heard the London version of Mr.Mistoffelees and Memory, I really fell in loved with cats. It is one of my favorite Broadway musicals. A friend of mine went to London and met Elaine Paige. I once had the video but it broke and couldn't be fixed, I felt like crying to see my favorite musical video broken. But I do have the Australian cast recording on 2 CDs and I loved it.


I'm a 21 year old girl from Norway. I first got introduced to Cats in 1984 when my mum went to see it in London. I was too young to tag along, so she brought back the LP and some photos. That was IT for me. I was hooked, at the age of six! I made my own dances, put on make-up and things that kids do. The opportunity to actual SEE Cats didn't come before the video was released. Even then I hesitated to watch it, afraid of ruining my childhood images. One night I sat down with a nice glass of red wine and finally watced it. It was THE experience of my life. And my mum and I have now booked tickets to go see the REAL thing at the New London Theatre in July. My favourite cat is Munkustrap. I just adore him. I havn't seen any other Munkustrap then Michael Gruber, but I'm still convinced that he's the best Munkustrap EVER!

I like CATS very much since I saw the musical for the first time (it was in London three years ago). From now on I'm looking for people who like CATS and I have OLd Possums book of Practical CATS. I even try to make some poems myself when I feel sad. My favorite CAT is Grisabella - her story is wonderful. I think that we are just like cats and I would like to become a cat for a day!
(a.k.a. Bombalurina, Jemima, Demeter)
I love Cats so much, my friends and I came over and made cats costumes. I do Bombalurina's sexy dance with Rum Tum Tugger and Victoria's dance at beginning and Demeter and Bombalurina's dances during 'Macavity'.
Victoria a.k.a. Cat_Tastraffee

Website (a.k.a. Bombalurina, Jemima, Demeter)

I became a CATS fanatic when I saw the CATS video when it was on tv last November. Jacob Brent stole my heart, and I longed to be Victoria. It's mostly because of Jacob's amazing dancing(his dark, gorgeous eyes and great general looks don't hurt anything either; and he's just so adorable as Misto!!!) that I'm a fanatic now. Actually, it's all of the dancing and all of the singing! It just sooo wonderful! I can't really explain it! I've become obsessed with the TRUE Misto(I even went and saw his house!!!), and I'm dying to see him again in whatever he does. But, anyway, I also became a member of about 40 or so CATS rpgs, and I act like a cat all the time and people raise eyebrows whenever I randomly go into a sequence from CATS or chase anything that moves. I would try to get our school to do CATS, but I don't want to ruin the most wonderful musical of all time. I attack anyone who insults CATS, and I've gotten in trouble for beating someone for insulting my beloved Jacob. What can I say? I'm your average Jacob/CATS fanatic!!!!!! CATS Now and Forever!!!
The first time I watch cats, was when i went to London, in the NEW LOndon Thetre!! then i bought the vidotape, the shirt, the sweater... I watch the tape like twice a day!! then i bought th CD! then i'm waiting for the new complete DVD!!!!!!! My Favourite characters is Rumpleteazer and Jemima!! I Love CATS!!!
I am mostly trained for classical music (i.e. composers like Beethoven or Tchaikovsky) but I also have three favourite musicals (Cats of course is included, along with Phantom of the Opera, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and Sound of Music, made famous by the movie with Julie Andrews.) I also like STAR WARS because the msuc is so classical, without using extractes from existing pieces. I fell in love with Cats in November 1993, when I was about eleven. The show was playing in Singapore, and I knew what to expect because I had a record of the original cast with Elaine Paige (i.e. from London, containing Lloyd-Webber's first thoughts.) However, I was not amiliar with the edition of the music that was being used, and I could not see from where I was sitting. Little did I know that what I heard the first time in the theatre was the music from the BROADWAY production - until I borrowed a copy of the Geffen double-CD from the Singapore National Library. Since then I have been swept away by the music, though not the dancing, because I could not see what the performers were doing from where I was sitting. However, my enjoyment was greatly enhanced when I watched the show in London and bought the video over the Internet from I am still in love with the show, without ever letting it jeopardise my other interests. I am a huge fan of CATS that I have sworn to wear my Jellicle outfit for every National Day celebration in Singapore. It consists of a Cats T-shirt and a pair of black pants. I have adopted this parctice since 1998.


I first became a CATS fan when I finally saw the movie this christmas. I loved some of the characters, including Mungojerrie, Rumpleteaser, Munkustrap and the great Rumpus Cat(I also call him Daddo).

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