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This is a place for other Cats fans to contact you. If you'd like to join, please send your name (just first name), e-mail address, and a short description about yourself (i.e. how you became a Cats fan, why you love Cats, etc.).

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Lady Grizabone
And all of this time I thought I was alone in the world of CATS lovers! Although I haven't yet had the pleasure of experiencing the magic of seeing CATS live on stage, I own the the Original Broadway cast recording and I've also seen the video. My favourite number is "Growltiger's Last Stand". Pity it was cut from the video. Anyway, I'm 15 years old (birthday: 06/10/85), an animal lover (particularly of cats), and I adore musicals! Feel free to e-mail me. My ICQ number is 35077706, and I will be under the name "Grizabone".
I forst became a cats fan when I saw the video on television. My best friend's father had the video, so I borrowed it from him. My brother is really sick of that video! My favourite characters is Tugger, Misto, Bomby, Griza, Jemima, Rumpleteazer and Munkustrap. I am really crazy about Cats!
I've loved CATS ever since the end of 5th grade when my teacher made us do a unit on it. My friend Dustin got me even more into it when he started singing all of the songs in class. I just know that I'm a huge fan now and would really like to see it live some day.
My cats craziness started when I was eight.My Auntie took me to see the musical 'beauty and the beast'.The dance captian (Jo Gibb) caught my eye.Her dancing like a fairy,it was so graceful she could've granted three wishes,Anyway,a little while later I found out cats was on video and she was in it!I went mental! I got it for my xmas and I loved it.I think she is the best singer AND dancer in it,the best single singer is Veerle Castlyene and the best single dancer is Phylidia Crowley Smith. If I had the chance to meet westlife or her the cats cast,it would be cats(because I hate westlife)even if I had the chance to meet hear'say or cats It'd be cats.I AM IN LURVE WITH CATS!!!!!!!
I am 13 years old and I'm a Cats fanatic! I got hooked on Cats when I first saw it on KCET last year. I loved it, so I bought a copy of Old Possum's Book of Pratical Cats, Cats: The Book of the Musical, and then the video. I watch it practically every day! My favorite cats are Jemima, Bombalurina, Rumpleteazer, and Demeter. I'm in the process of making a Rumpleteazer costume and hopefully I'll get it finished by Halloween. I have never seen Cats on stage, but I know I will sometime in the future!
I first got into Cats when I was in school band and we played stuff from it which was great. I was lucky enough to see the Cats run away to the Circus production that is currently touring Australia and have watched the video so much i'm good entertainment value for my friends as i dance and sing along. My favourite cats are Demeter, Mistoffelees, and Munkustrap
Well, it's not very interesting, how I became a CATS fan. I saw the video when it was broadcast on PBS and have loved it ever since. I nearly broke the tape I pilfered off of the TV and finally got myself a "real" one for Christmas, which I have watched too many times to count. I think the best thing that has come from my "obsession" with CATS is that I've written some neat fan fics, such as "A Memory or Two" and "Martin Touguerre."
I have been hooked on the hit musical Cats for about 6 months now, I know that's not really a long time but believe me...I'M OBSESSED WITH IT!!! The first time I ever heard of Cats, I was to little to understand it. Then me and my Dad went to Wal-mart one Friday night to buy the movie Tarzan for my to younger brothers. He spotted the video and suggested we buy it because my Mom wanted to see it. So we did and watched it on Sunday. It was amazing! The costumes and the songs and the dancing [I love the dancing!] were incredible!!! Ever sense then, me and my sister have been obsessed with it and watch it every weekend! We sing and practice the dance moves every day, we're making costumes and we're going to see Cats in New York in August!!! really cant wait!!! Anyway, I try to talk to my friends about it but they don't seem to be fact I don't think they're interested in musicals at all! I mean, my sister is the only person I know [Personally] who likes Cats and she's the only person I can talk to about it. It's very irritating! I would love to talk to more Cat fans so I could finally let out all the ideas and feeling and opinions I have to share!!!
I've been a CATS fan for almost five months. **anime sweatdrop** I know that isn't very long, but I really enjoyed it, and it's all thanks to my choir teacher. It was only a half day of school...*seeing as I'm 17...woohoo!!* and we didn't have to sing or anything, or rehearse, we got to watch CATS, and I've been hooked ever since. I know all the songs, and my fave "Cat" is Mungojerrie...he's just so awesome. My goal is to be in the theatre someday, and I believe that CATS gave me the final push towards it. By the way, if you don't know how my name is pronounced...*yes there is actually people that pronounce it, Lil-yun...ICK!!* It's pronounced Lil-lee-un...that's as close as I can get it.
i became a cats lover because I was a BIG fan of anrew loyde Webber, and I rented the movie and I LOVED IT!!! My my favorite cats are: #1: Mr. Mistoffoelees, #2: Bombalurina, #3:Jemima, AND I LOVE CATS SSSOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm a big fan of Cats myself. I never got to see it live, but I tried like heck to do it. I have the film and the 30 minute interview tape. I'd like to get ahold of the DVD of it but I haven't been able to find it. I like Victoria,Tugger, Munkustrap, Mistofolese,Grizabella, Old Deuteronomy, and several others.
I have to say that my four year old daughter is the Cat's fan in our household. She got the musical as a birthday gift and has been hooked every since. I have to admit that she has gotten me addicted as well. She tells everyone that she wants to be Rum Tum Tugger when she grows up and I wouldn't mind being Jennyanydots!
(a. k. a. Victoria_Mistoffelees and


I'm a 15 year old female from West Monroe, Louisiana. I am a major CATS FANATIC! I first heard about CATS in 3rd grade. My teacher would play songs from CATS and the class would sometimes sing along! Eventually, I grew to love CATS! The first time I saw CATS was in 7th grade at my local civic center! (It was an experience I'll never forget!) I recieved the CATS video as a Christmas present last year, I watch it ALL THE TIME! I'm not sure I could do without it! My favorite characters are Mistoffelees and Victoria. (I think they look good together . . .) Oh yeah, just recently I created a website! PLEASE GO THERE! I would really appreciate your support! I hope I'll get to know all of you better in the future! C u online!
I became a CATS fan last year when the local amateur operatics theatre group put on the show we all wrote together, "The Jellicle Ball". It was kind of a sequel to CATS, only with different characters displaying traits of the cats in CATS. For example my part, Luna, was a cat very like Jemima. Anyways, I'm 17, got a boyfriend (who was also in the show as Jester, kind of Alonzo meets Mungojerrie) and love music (especially B*Witched) and singing, dancing and acting. Mail me soon!

i love Cats because I love cats. i live in Canada.
I didn't really know much about 'Cats' until my friend brought her copy of the video to school, and I watched a bit with a group of my friends. I asked her to borrow it after, and watched it at home (like 50 times) Totally hooked, right there! I especially favoured Mr. Mistoffelees and Skimbleshanks. I went out and got the soundtrack, as well as my own copy of the video. Love it!!!
I became a HUGE cats fan when my sister and my mom went out and bought the movie. I thought it was stupid (well, I can be wrong ya know!!), but decided to watch it because I was bored. Well, after the movie, I got into a leo and decided to learn ALL the dance moves. When cats came to Philly, I begged my mom to take me. Not only did she take me, but she invited our next door neighbors, and one of my best friends, too ( it just-so-happens that one of my best friends lives next-door)!! We went and became hooked. My mom said that if she heard the music again, she would go crazy! I saw it this year on Broadway, an am going to be Demeter for Halloween (I know its VERY far away, but who cares?)!
I first saw Cats on a dreary and boring Saturday morning when my mom came home with a video with these cool looking eyes on it. I was like, "Cool." I popped it in the VCR and I was MESMORIZED! The dancing, singing, and music all just captured me! I really was dying to be one of those performers! The week of CATS closing, I finally saw the magic on Broadway. As for me, I'm 15 years old and I live in New Jersey, USA. My favorite performers are no doubt Marlene Danielle and Julius Sermonia. My hobby is dancing (pretty much Cats inspired). Feel free to email me just to chat!
I love cats soooo much! I have a site and will be working on a new one, too.
I have been in love with Cats for nearly a year. I was introduced to Cats by my best friend Daniel, who owns the video. The only reason I watched it was because everyone told me I was the incarnate of Rum Tum Tugger. Once I saw it, I was hooked. I am a local actor in Louisiana, and would love to to do professional theatre, but not so much singing and dancing (although I can) I am a character actor and much better at talking than singing.


I'm a relatively new Cats fan. I only saw the video version in Summer 2000, but since then I've made a website, webring and loads of other stuff. My fave cats are Demeter, Rumpleteazer and Bombalurina.
Well, I became a CATS fan in 1987 when I saw the touring production in Michigan. I was very familiar with the music beforehand, as my parents have the tape, and had seen it once before in NY by themselves...and all I got was the oversize t-shirt from that run. ;) But I shouldn't complain, because they took me to see it, and they enjoyed it the second time around as much as I did the first time around.

But enough about them....I tend to go off the subject when you get me talking (or typing as the case may be. When I saw CATS, I couldn't get enough of the characters from it. As I mentioned in my story about meeting Calvin E. Remsberg (who was Old Deuteronomy for that particular run), after the play, I just drew pictures upon pictures (more like cartoons) of the characters from the play, culminating with a book report on the book of the musical in which I recreated the "Tire Scene" (Old Deuteronomy and Grizabella going to the Heaviside Layer) out of construction paper, on the side of a large brown paper grocery bag. (I wish I still had it, I got a big fat "A" for it!)

Seeing the play again on PBS (hey, they always bring out the big guns during pledge week) brought back all those memories. I don't think I've ever liked another ALW play like I've liked CATS! Thanks for listening!

My name is Maxine I'm 13 years old, I live in Malta and I became addicted to acting when I was 9, soon after I was going to any musical I could and irt wasn't long till I came across cats which really captured my heart! My fave characters are Mistoffolees, Munkustrap, Tugger and Jemima. I bore my best f riends singing cats songs and I love to write fanfics!! I first came across cats in a video store and I found the movie, since i live in Malta they don't perform cats so I rented it. After that I worshipped it and one of my life's goals is to get a part in a production of it one day (Yea like DREAM ON). I love Cats because it's so origional, the characters are great and the songs are lively and KEWL!!!!!!! so in short: I WORSHIP CATS!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

I became a Cats fan when my Mom found out that it came out on video, and rented it for me. I fell in love with it the first time I saw it. Since then, I've seen Cats at the New London theatre (Twice within the same year! :) ) I've used songs from it in auditions for stuff in general (And got the part, too!) I've tried to talk with my friends at school about it, but none of them seem to undestand a word of what I'm saying, and I would love to have someone to e-mail who doesn't need a detailed description of Who Mungo and Teazer.

The first time I saw Cats was in 3rd Grade Music Class. It took us about 4 weeks to watch it as we only had practice 2 times a week. I'm surprised they didn't fire my music teacher for letting third graders see Tugger, it's kinda gross, you know? But I still like the song...just not the dance routine. I'm in 5 grade now, and I just recently bought that Commemorative(sp?) Edition of Cats with a whole tape of behind the scenes and original character drawings. I have to watch Cats at least twice a day. I sometimes even copy the dance routines...-_-;;;;;;;;;;

My mom is actually doing the typing. My Dad got my Mom the "Cats" video last year for Christmas. Then, she got the "Practical Cats" book for her birthday in February. I've commandeered both of them. I request to read and/or watch "Jellicle Cats" at *least* as much as all my "kid" stuff put together! I don't quite know all of the songs by heart, but I do know parts of them. I think I'm going to be Victoria for Halloween. I will be 3 in December '99.

I have seen Cats one time in Hamburg and I found it wonderful. A year later my parents bought the video of it. When I saw it I fell in love with it. Now I try to watch the video one time every week. My favourite characters are Victoria, Demeter, Mistoffelees, Mukustrap, Etcetera and Macavity.
I first got hooked on Cats not too long ago. My father bought me the movie, and I sat down to watch it for the first time. Right away, I loved it. The songs and dancing were fantastic, and I loved the costumes. My favorite characters are Mistoffelees, Jemima, Victoria, Rumpleteazer, Bombalurina, Demeter, Etcetera, Electra and Jennyanydots. Most of my friends think I`m crazy, so I`m hoping to talk to some people who love Cats as much as I do.


I first saw Cats in the summer of 2000. That had to have been my best summer ever! I was on vacation, so I could pretty much do whatever I wanted. Since then, I have seen Cats over 400 times and still counting. Why do I love Cats? Because it's perfect! It has dance, music, felines and an awesome plot! Cats is just to great for words, I cannot express my love for Cats with mere letters. One way or another, I know that I will be in Cats when my schooling is done. I have been dancing since I was six and will continue until I am too old and weak to move! When you see me in Cats, I will probably be Bombalurina or Demeter, although I would love to be Jemima, but she is just so tiny and I am Bombalurina tall! I have an un-natural fixation with Macavity and I just LOVE it when he fights with Munkustrap! Ooo, it gives me shivers everytime I watch it! My friends and I right NOW are working on a production of Cats for fun, although there are only two dancers in it so far. A friend and I. I already know everything by memory, so why not put my skills to use!? Please write me if you like Cats, even just a little bit! I love hearing from other fanatics such as myself. You can catch me on AIM with the screen name of Melloishious.

I became a BIG cats fan when I first saw the video. I love Victoria because of the way she dances....but John Partridge as Rum Tum Tugger has stole my heart! He is such a wonderful actor!!!! Munkustrap is my favorite male cat though...he is so noble and brave. Mr. Mistoffolees is cool too....I love the ballet!

Anyways...I am an actress, singer, poet, and a dancer. Dance (Ballet) my life! I dance for hours and hours...and I hope to be a professional one day...and if CATS comes back to broadway...I hope to dance in that. (Hopefully as Victoria or that cool Rumpleteaser...)


I've been a cats fan since the beginning of the show. I have been in London twice and saw it, as well as the new York show thee times. i would like to talk to other cats fans, but no one ever seems to use the chat room. if you want to talk about cats or cats related things please write me and let me know.
dont have 1 favorite cat. i love them all. my friends and i are putting up our own little production in a garage. for music we play the video so that we can also see the dance moves. i play jelly-lorum in the play. i became a cats fan three years ago when i saw it live. now, my nickname is shelly-lorum. cute huh??
In school, a couple of years ago, I was to make a project about names in general (personal ones, and ones of places). Me and my friend then found the poem 'The Naming of Cats' in Swedish. We loved it, and made it the highlight in our account. Having the Swedish lyrics stuck in my mind, I had to find the English original ones - and so I did, just to learn from my teacher that there existed a musical. Now I've seen it, though not yet live... I can not explain my feelings toward Cats, it simply is superb!
Why do I love Cats so much?? Three words: MAGICAL MR. MISTOFFELEES! I am completely mad about him! When I first saw Cats on video, about a year ago, I was instantly hooked! The great acting, singing and dancing were truly inspirational, and it has been my dream ever since to star in it.

There are several great characters, Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer, Bombalurina, Munkustrap, the Rum Tum Tugger and Alonzo are a few of my personal favourites, but there is one whom stands as the greatest of cats, Mr. Mistoffelees. His song is just da bomb, he's a great dancer, I love his sparkly suit and of course, his legendary slim ankles.

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of going down to London to see Cats, and what can I say? The most astounding performance I have ever seen, no disappointment what so ever! I loved it so much, that I went back to see it again two days later! Well, Jacob Brent was absolutely brillant in the video, but then I saw Campbell McKenzie in London, what a show stopper! I am in no doubt that he posses the slimest pair of ankles the world has ever seen! He is now my idol and all time hero, I have written a fan letter to him praising his artsitic prowess and am hoping to get a reply any day now.

Anyway, I'm sure after reading all that you've realised that I may have a few screws loose, but hey, I'm not his stalker.....yet. :) I'd be happy to chat to any other Cats fans out there. Hope to hear from you!

(P.S. Just incase you were wondering, I'm a girl :)


I love cats so much. The first time I saw it I fell completely in love with it! I loved the dancing an singing the music I loved every singal thing. After that I learned the history of it. then I wanted to be in the show. Then now and forever didn't seam to be forever. My heart broke the instant I heard it was closing.I saw the show one last time paying my last respect to the Winter Garden. I cried when I left. Now at school I brag on how much I know. I would ask people in my class cats qusetions that they don't know. I still love cats dearly, but I'am going though rough times now so I have to focus on ' diffrent things besides cats. But still love cats the same. The last time I saw cats live was my birthday and I sat inthe front row. It was the best birthday gift ever. I lesten to the music and I watch the viedo a lot. I will never forget this musical and when it comes back I will be its biggist fan for now an forever!

My grandparents made me watch CATS when we went to visit them, I didn't really pay attention to it then because I didn't feel good. Then I rented it to watch with some of my friends and that's when I got obsessed... I watched it every night that weekend, and now I watch it once a weekend and listen to my CD once a day. I haven't seen it on Broadway (it closed right when I got obsessed) but if there's a revival, I'm going to see it! None of my friends care remotely about CATS as much as I do, please email me! I'm desperate to talk to another CATS fan! I like Mistoffelees, Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer, Munkustrap, and Rum Tum Tugger best!

I'm 16 years old male from México. I speak English a little bit. I became a fan when I heard a CD of CATS México; I don't knew it, but CATS was here on 1990 for 2 years. Later, I bught two casettes of CATS Broadway 1981, and the CATS video, I'm really a fan. My favorite cats are Demeter (I love her!) and Munkustrap. At present, The Phantom of the Opera (El Fantasma de la Opera) is playing here, so I hope CATS comes back soon. My brother-in-law and his friends are making CATS (in spanish of course), is really good, but they don't have the money necesary. In México, many of the names of the cats was changed, for example: The Rum Tum Tugger-El Ponc Roc Terco, Mr. Mistoffelees-Micifustófeles, Old Deutoronomy-Viejo Gatusalem.

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