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I am the biggest Cats fan to grace the scene......really!!!! I am currently transcribing the music so I know it through and through and I hope to be able to put it on in the next little while.
Da Rumpleteazer


I became a CATS fan when I saw it on PBS in November 1998. That was the only thing good on and it was a pretty good musical, so the next day I went out and rented it. I didn't get to see the whole thing. I have been a CATS fan for over 1 year now. I have a web site dedicated to Jo Gibb who played Rumpleteazer. I'm also thinking about a Drew Varley and Jacob Brent web site. My favorite CATS are Rumpleteazer, Mungojerrie, Jemima, Victoria, Misto, Munkustrap, and Rum Tum Tugger.
As I listen to the song "Memory", I wanted to tell you what memories CATS has brought me. I saw CATS for the second time in Portland, Maine and just got home from the musical. I brought my 9-year-old son with me so he could experience at least half of the joy I get when I listen to the music and see these tremendous actors/dancers/singers. I can't tell enough people about it. Please come to Maine again soon.

I'm totally hooked on Cats. I've watched my DVD (which I made my dad get for me) so many times I lost count! I've seen it twice on stage, and soon it will be three (by Sept.). I've seen it on Broadway, but didn't get to see Jacob Brent, whose's another obsession of mine. I was very disappointed about that. But both shows were so wonderful words can't describe what I mean! My favorite cats are Mistoffelees, Rum Tum Tugger, Munkstrap,and Alonzo. If anyone can get me any information about Jacob Brent, I'll owe you a lifetime of slavery!

I LOVE CATS!!! I first saw the video about 3 years ago and became obsessed with it. My favorite cat is Mr. Mistoffolees. I also like Mungojerrie, Rumpleteaser, Rum Tum Tugger, and Munkustrap. If anyone out there can give me some tips on how to make a CATS costume, or if you just want to talk to another obsessed fan, e-mail me.

I became a CATS-fan when I first saw the video, and I really fell in love with them. My favourite charakter is the wonderful and handsome Mungojerrie, Drew Varley. I bought the video I think one year ago, and I have seen it nearly every day. I began to learn the dancing and singing, and now there isn't one day I don't try to dance the Macavity song or parts of the Jellicle ball. Unfortunatly I'm living in vienna and haven't seen the show live. But that day will come, and I'm looking forward to it. Until then I will continue to watch it on TV and write fanfic. I created a lot of new cats, and my tribe is becoming very big. Just another word: "and there's nothing at all to be done about that!"

I have been a huge Cats fan since I saw it for the first time back in December of 1983. Since then I have seen it more than sixty times over the years. It has been the one musical that can never get old and boring. My favorite character is Bombalurina who is played with such delight by Marlene Danielle. I have had the pleasure of meeting most of the performers over the years and getting there autographs. This year has been very special due to the fact that I have had the opportunity to get a tour of the backstage area. I'm hoping to attend the 7000th performance which occurs sometime in July. Other characters that I also enjoy are Victoria, Mr. Mistoffelees, Demeter and Rum Tum Tugger. And yes I have always cried at the end when Grizabella performs "Memory." Who doesn't?

I am a big Cats fan. I have the CD and the tape. I burn up tons of batteries just listening to those two things. My friends at school have to remind me Im in school by kicking me when I start singing in class. I worship my movie of it and I want to see it live again. My favorite characters are Munkustrap,Growtiger,Rum Tum Tugger, and Electerea.

I'm 13 and my favorite Character of ALL is Mr.Mistoffelees!!!! I have watched the video at least 75 times and seen the show at most 4 times!! I would love it if someone E-meowed me,'cause I need a friend! ( not really, I just need the scoop and maybe pics on misto)!!

I totally love animals and there is no way you can stop me . sorry I've always wanted to become a nurse because my mother is one but at the age of 4 I was going to be a part-time lawyer and a part-time vet! When I was 6 and just started school I made up my mind and I still want to be a vet.{full-time no matter what!} I have 1 sister &2 brothers I have long brown hair dark blue eyes I'm tall and I finnished Yr 5 on 8 december. I only went to the cats concert at the start of the year 2000 {in the Australia,New Zealand tour}

i love animals. I am 10 years old.My favorite cat from cats the broadway show is victoria!!!!!!!!!!!!!When i got the movie is when i started to like cats. I was 8 then and now i am 10 see i love cats the show!!I love cats because of the dancing Its amazing!!!!!!!!!!I LOVE CATS!!!!!!!!
I'm Emma, although I prefer being called Demy! I am a major fan of the musical CATS, and I have a website with my friend Cathryn (Bomby - the insane Pollicle, she'll kill me for saying that, even though she is.) Our site is called Bomby and Demy's Purrfect Place. I have seen the musical 3 times, although I hope to see it again soon in the West End. My favourite characters are... ALL OF THEM! I am totally devoted to cats, especially when Michael Gruber is playing Munkustrap! I know all the songs off by heart, word for word, and now I'm learning to dance to them! I'm a bit of a musical fanatic, and I enjoy all other Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals like Starlight Express. Cats is still my ultimate favourite though! Please email me!
Emma Kate and Natasha
We have been fans of cats since 6, we know virtually every dance and hope that we will be in it some day - it would be a dream come true. We love the video and have seen it 7 times on the west-end. Our favourite cats are bombalurina, victoria and rumpletezer. We hope to continue our dance training at Doreen Bird dance college but after that we WILL be in cats!!!!!!!!!
I luv cats and I don't understand anyone who doesn't.All my friends think i'm of my head for liking because I'm a 14 year old girl from Scotland who's cats crazy. I first saw cats in London in October.My favourite characters are The Rum Tum Tugger and Victoria. I Really want to be in Cats and it's my ambition to meet the guy who plays The Tugger called Koffi Missah. (or if I can't find him, John Partridge will do) Cats is the best musical ever and I know you think so too so e-mail me about it OK? BYE NOW JELICLES!!!!!!!


I have always loved the music of CATS until last year when the video came out. I was obsessed. I had recorded it, and watched it, I swear 10 times a day. People think 17 times is a lot, but I have seen it about 500 times, seriously. I think it's sad. My best friend is, and we watch CATS and talk about it online like crazy! My fav kittens, are Jemima, Etcetera, and Rumpleteazer. My fav guys are Mungojerrie, and Mistoffolees. My favorite songs are "Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer", "The Jellicle ball" (I know all the dancing in that). That's the five minutes of pure dancing. I love CATS!

I'm a crazy cats fan! I've watched the video 350 times. I love Tugger, obviously, and I am seriously in love with John Partridge. Anyone who loves cat E-mail me!
I'm Argentnian. I became a fan of Cats last year, when I listened to the Germany production album, and I fell in love with the play. My aunt bought me the video in Miami, and I love it! I have never been any Cats production, and in Argentina the play ran for only 5 months when I was 7... In Argentina, Cats is not very well known, so I'd like someone who likes Cats like me to talk with...

ever since I saw that play cats has been the center of attention in my life mostly Rum Tum Tugger. when my friend got the video I borrowwed it for 5 days and wathed it 17 times Ever since i've been searching for the video for myself

I first became a big cats fan when I watched the video. I every day I would watch it again and again. I love to dance and sing and who know's? I might be in CATS one day. I love cats fan fic it is so cool. If you got a fan fic email me. I love CATS!!!!

Well, I became a fan when me and my dad went to see the musical on tour. At first I thought it was going to be really pathetic and for more younger viewers, I turned out to be wrong. It was really fantastic. Shortly after, the tape came out.... and, well, like most fans, bought it. The reason that I like Cats, is mostly because of the music and costumes.......**Plot too!** Most musicals have a pretty slow plot, but Andrews' musicals are far most the best....... he's gotta good imagination for a old guy (^^). My most fave characters are Tugger, Misto, Rumpelteazer & Demeter.

I am a huge fan of Cats. I have seen it on Broadway seven times and in Atlanta, Georgia. I am studying theatre in New York City right know and my dream role in Bombalurina. I also own the video and watch it when ever I get a chance. It's glad to know there are others out there who are as crazy about the show as I am.

I'm 13 and am a total CATS fanatic!! I've only seen the movie but watch it many times a day. My mom once told me to go watch it 2 years ago when we were loading our car to leave this person's cabin. my friend and i were in the way, so my mom pulled out the video and said "watch it" we did and i LOVED IT. i got the video for X-mas last year. my family and friends think i'm crazy. i love all the cats but misto is my fav(go Jacob Brent!) my dream is to meet the cast and be in CATS. i can sing and dance, but i'm not very flexible. anyway, i'll probably never get the chance. i really would like a friend who loves CATS as much as i do.

When my friend,Cleeta got the movie cats for me as a gift and when I seen it the 1st time I was hypnotized and I want to see cats live on bradway someday but 'till I do me and my dad watch it 3 times a day!!! so I want to see it in person it will just be as magical as Mistoffelees when we see it in person!!!!!*:o} gotta' go bye!!!!too bad the tour isn't 'till fall ;~(
I'm a major Cats fan! I became a fan after I saw the movie for the first time, after I got it for Christmas. My favorite cat is Rum Tum Tugger, he is sooooooooooo awesome!!!!! I watch the movie at LEAST once a day and have memorized all the songs. I have the movie and the book of poems which has all the words to the songs. I absolutly LOVE Tugger and would love to talk to anyone else who is in love with him as much as I am.
I Became obsessed in late 1999 when I went to New York to visit my grandfather, while i was there he said it was pointless to go to new york without seeing a musical, as you can already guess we saw cats, at first i was not inttrested at all. I had seen some commersials for the vidieo on t.v. and it looked boring. when i went to the thertere i was getting ready for a looooong nap when the music started i still had my eyes closed but curiosity won me over and when i opend them i saw two green eyes staring at me, i almost jumped out of my seat, and thought to myself there is no way i am sleeping through this, I have seen the musical three time live , i own the sound track and the dvd, my most favorites are the magical mr. mistoffelees, the currious mungojerrie and rumple teazer, the two psycic twins tantomile and coricopat and the sassy cassandra.
Seeing the show was truely convincing. Marlene Danielle was simply great.
my favorite cat, along with a lot of people, is Mistoffelees. I also like Alonzo.I am 15. I would appriciate it lots if someone would E-Mail me. I have A LOT of Cats Video Trivia just waiting to be told. Stuff about the Characters and actors too! :-)

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