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I've been CATS crazy ever sence my Grandma Janet gave me her CATS casette.When I saw CATS live its all I've had on my mind.For Christmas, when I got the movie, I fell madly in love if Michael Gruber.If anybody has his phone number PLEASE e-mail it to me.

I'm 13. I first heard about cats when I was 10, which was when it was closing and the video came out on sale. I thought it looked like the stupidest thing in the world, a bunch of dancing CATS..wwwwhhhooooaaa. But then durning my eigth grade year my choir teacher made us watch it. The only thing I can truley remeber is dying with laughter when Rum Tum Tugger came out, all my friends were calling him "the pimp cat" I said he looked like a mixture of prince, michael jackson, and david bowy. But then the song "Macavity" came on and I got struck with dea vu because back when I was 10, I went to a high school proformance and the girls choir sung Macavity. It was so weird it took me along time to figure out where I had heard it from. Anyway, after that I was hooked, I saw it again when my friend maggie got it, and then for eight grade graduation I got it and watch it 12 times a day. Hopfully for my b-day I get the soundtrack. I've always wanted to be on broadway, since I was about 3! Now seeing CATS makes me want to fufill my dream even more. My fave CATS are Demeter, Jemima, Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer, Rum Tum Tugger (hurray! I accually know his name now)but my most favorite *drum roll please* iiiisss MR. MISTOFFELEES!! Jacob Brent I love you!!! *screams like a sick teeny bobber*
I love CATS, my favourite characters are Macavity, Mungojerrie, Rumpelteazer, Coricopat, Tantomile, Griddlebone. I like all the other characters as well though. I became a fan of CATS when it came to Australia, and I saw it with my school, then I saw it on TV and recorded it, then I started writting my own CATS fanfics full time. Then I bought the Video, joined a few message boards, then got the CD. My teachers at my new school (not the one I saw CATS with) love CATS as well and are also in my fanfics and they sing CATS as well! All my friends love CATS as well. I'm lucky they do. When CATS came to Aussi-Australia (as I call it), We had the chance to all go backstage and get everyone signatures, but our stupid teachers wouldn't let us!

I became a Cats fan when I saw the film on BBC in August 2000. I thought it was absolutly marvellous and ever since, I have gone througb strengh to strengh in Cats fansisms. I have never been to see a live show, but if I have my way I will see it. My favourite characters are Rumpelteazer, Etcetera, Jemima, Pouncival, Tugger, Alonzo and Mungojerrie. I'm 13 years old (14 in July 2001) and I come from London, UK (something to make some of you jealous).

I think that CATS is the best ecer since i got the video for christmas I have not stopped watching it! I know all the songs off by heart and drive my family mad singing them, the best by far has to be Skimbleshanks!

I first became a fan when I saw the musical in London My favirit charater is Mr.Mistofolis

I am 12 and I'm a HUGE fan of Cats! I watched the video so so so many times and now I own it! I would love to dance and be on broadway (hopefully Cats) I have been dancing for over 6 years and ever since I started at 6 years old but I will be turning 13 in June.

My uncle lent me the movie. Since then I'm hooked on it. You can find me on 8 RPG's around the net, all of which are on Onelist. My favourite cats are: Female: Bombalurina Male: The Rum Tum Tugger.

I have loved Cats since the first moment I saw it on KCET. It was then that my mom told me she had been playing the cast recording all my life as lullarby music! Cool huh!?! Anyway, jemima/Silabub is my favorite Jellicle, and I hope to someday be in the brodway revival of Cats. I have a website too, but its not good at all!(not compared to this anyway! Aww, thank you!). Its Yeah, I know jellicle is spelled wrong but the right way was taken. hehe! CATS FOREVER!!
I had always wanted to see CATS and I almost gave up trying when I found out that the show would no longer be running. Then I thought, Hey, there is always the video. Now, I cannot believe that I had not seen it before. The show is absolutely awesome. I watch it all the time and I cannot get enough of it. I am 23 years old. I am a dog groomer and I have three Kitties who are the apple of my eye!
i became a huge fan when my sister kim saw it in new york. my mom had bought it for us a few years ago and i thought that some of the parts were boring. then my sister(12, kim) went to new york city and saw it. she came back and said that it was really good and then we watched it. i loved it so much that i watched it every day. then i went to the library to find ,"the book of practical cats." by T.S Eliot. i couldn't believe that he came up with the stuff before a broadway show was even planned. i looked for the cd, but it wasent't at the library. so i got on the internet and put it and the book of the musical on hold. when i got it i loved the show even more. then i got the london cast cd. i also joined a website about cats. my favorite is etcetera. she is so cool. my mom hates that i do this and wants me to stop. i need someone my age to talk to that knows where i'm coming from.
I love cats!!! My fav characters are Mungojerrie and Electra. I saw it on b-way 5 times!!! I got in to it when my cousins told me it was the best thing ever. Boy were they right! We tried to try out but we were too young. We got almost all the Cats' autographs!!! If you want a copy e~mail me!!!
I'm 17 years old and I fell hopelessly in love with "Cats" about 5 years ago, when I auditoned for a small dance company over here in New Zealand for a part in their production of "Cats". Since then, I've bought the CD and the video and play them both endlessly!! My ultimate dream is to dance in the West End production and my favourite characters are Victoria, Rumpleteazer, Etcetera and Munkustrap.
I'm 16 years old and I am a huge Cats fan!! I have the video which I watch almost everyday. I also have some CD's (I love the music!!), and an autographed poster signed by the last broadway cast. My favorite characters are Munkustrap, Skimbleshanks, Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer, and Etcetera. If anybody knows where I can get the addresses so I can mail the actors/actresses, please e-mail me!! I would love to get more autographs!!


On a school trip to New York, I saw Cats for the first time. I was hooked on it in a second. It took a month to find and buy Cats on CD. I am currently looking for Cats on DVD, if it exists. I love the music the best.

I am a total cats fan. Call me K or Sillabub if you please =^'.'^= I simply adore CATS. I saw it once, and I LOVED it so so so much. I told everyone about it, and they thought that it would be stupid. Then they saw it. And they loved it :) My favourite characters are: Sillabub (or Jemima), Victoria, Bombalurina, Demeter, Skimbleshanks, Alonzo, Rum Tum Tugger and Mr. Mistoffelees. I thank my grandparents for sending me (and my sis) the video :)

I love the cats video at the first who could possibly LOVE a video or even some musical? WELL I CAN!! And mabye you all do. Thats why you are here. I am so afraid that my dear tape could get broken. I must be seen it ... well, many times. mabye a hundred, less, over ,I dont know. Mistoffelees is the BEST! And I love him too.(not so a few of you could think) I don`t need wallpapers from net, I make my own.(they say that I draw exellent,I had two A from art) And hello to ALL CATS FANS!!!!!!

I'm 20 years old and about 9 or so years ago when I was around 11 my mum took my sister and I to see Cats live. I loved it at the time, but I didn't understand most of it. I didn't really give it a second thought till the video came out and I saw it again, now that I understand it I really do love it! My favorite character is Misto, cause hes just so darn cute, plus any cat with Magical powers has me enthralled =) I want to see it live again, but I can't because I live in the US *sigh* just my luck that I get hooked a couple years after it ends its run!

I am 14. Ever since I saw Cats on Broadway, I've loved it! My fav. cat is Mr. Mistoffolees! He's SO cute! E-mail me, ok?
I'm mostly here because just recently my parents bought me Cats the Movie for Christmas. I fell in love that every day I take time to watch it over again. I crushed on Jacob Brent before I knew that he was the actor playing Magical Mr. Mistoffelees. As soon as I saw that cat I fell so hard!

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