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  • S Club 7+
    _____ Paul was telling his friends names to his girlfriend, and he asked Rachel what her name was. Her reply was, "Grizabella." Thanks, Hannah!
  • Sabrina the Teenage Witch+
    _____ Salem, the cat, was going on a date with another female cat (I can't remember her name). When he was ready to go, Sabrina said, "You are not going anywhere! You are grounded!" And then Salem shouted, "No! We have tickets to Cats!" Thanks, Jemima!
  • Sale of the Century+
    _____ In this Australian show, you can win a trip to London to see the original West End production of Cats (thanks, Alissa!).
  • Saturday Night Live+
    _____ The host was James Vanderbeak (spelling?) and one of the SNL cast members was dressed up as Skimbleshanks and giving a tour of behind the scenes at Cats. Ana Gastyer was at the soundboard for Cats and Skimbleshanks went up to talk to her. He asked what she was doing and Ana Gastyer said, "Well, I'm checking the sound and lighting I mean we've done this 5,000 times, but ya know something just might go wrong." Skimbleshanks then meets up with James Vanderbeak who's dressed up as Rum Tum Tugger and he talks about how excited he is to be playing the Rum Tum Tugger in Cats. Skimbleshanks replies saying something like, "He's one of the new ones . . . hasn't lost his soul yet." They then walk by Will Ferral who's dressed up like Macavity and he's rocking back and forth going, "Jellicle Ball . . . Jellicle Ball . . ." while wiping some sores on his face. James Vanderbeak and Skimbleshanks walk up to Macavity and James asks Skimble, "Gosh, what's wrong with him?! Did he get those sores from the makeup?" Skimble replies, "Well, either that or it's because he's rotting from the inside . . ." he looks up at the camera, "We all are." They then walk by Tracy Morgan dressed up as Munkustrap who's playing poker with another cat. Molly Shannon is in the back dressed up as Bombalurina. Munk and the other cat end up getting in a fight with James Vanderbeak, so James and Skimble leave (thanks, Lixue!).
    _____ During Weekend Update, they showed a pic of the Cats cast, and Kevin Nealon said, "And after a nine year run on Broadway, the cast of Cats was finally neutered today". Thanks, Sam!
    _____ In a skit from the 1980's, a couple known as the Whiners were given a tour of New York City. One of the highlights of the tour was to watch Cats on Broadway. The Whiners opinion: they smell (thanks, Jennine!).
    _____ On February 5, 2000, Alan Cumming hosted the show. During his monologue, he was accosted by various SNL cast members dressed as various Broadway show characters. Tracy Morgan was dressed as Old Deuteronomy (during Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats), but had a pouch in the front, and his wig was brown and he had pretty basic makeup. He ran by and said "Cats. We're Jellicle!" Thanks, Matt, Fleetpaw, and Fleckenfell!
    _____ On an episode of SNL from 1993 or so, there was a skit called "The Gloria Brigade" about a group of homosexuals fighting in the Civil War (this was at the height of the "gays in the US military" controversy). At one point in the skit, Adam Sandler, in a Civil War costume, plays "Memory" on a harmonica (thanks, Matt!).
    _____ Kevin Neelon was doing Weekend Update, and he was talking about how someone bought the nose prop of the main character from the play "Cyrano" (hope I spelled that right). Then he says something like, "On a related note, a hairball coughed up by the star of Cats was sold for ____. "(some amount of money - I didn't catch what it was). They showed a picture of a Cat as well (thanks, Nebula!).
    _____ Marisa Tomei was hosting and she was talking about how a real New Yorker knows the secrets to having a great time in New York. She said that she knew of a show you could go to without a lot of crowds, its called Cats, and she said you should go before the word gets out about it (thanks, Peepzoid!).
    _____ In a skit about an acting or drama class, there was a poster of Cats on the wall.
    _____ On the news section, there was a blip on the 3000th performance of Cats and the Wintergarden Theatre's name would be changed to the Wintergarden Litterbox (thanks, Marzi!).
  • Saved By the Bell+
    _____ In the episode where they do Snow White, the teacher asks for suggestions for the drama play, and someone says Cats (thanks, CHRBroadway!).
  • Seinfeld+
    _____ Jerry is on the subway with a friend and when he gets off, there's a Cats poster hanging on the wall (thanks, Lone!).

  • Sex in the City+
    _____ I have no idea what the characters names are as I've never seen the show. I was just flipping through the channels. The exchange went something like this:

    Girl: I had no idea Betty Buckley was so good!
    Guy: Yeah, she's the cat's pajamas.
    Girl: Why do people always say that anyway?
    Guy: I dunno. Maybe cause she was in Cats!

    _____ Then he does this hiss thing, kinda like they do during the one part in "The Jellicle Ball". Thanks, Nebula!

  • Shooting Fish*
    _____ In this British import, two con men tell one of their victims that he's won tickets to see a new Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, "Dogs". We see scenes of the theatre where we hear (but don't see) dogs barking to the tune of "Memory" and "Don't Cry For Me Argentina" (thanks, Matt!).
  • Shop 'Til You Drop+
    _____ One of the questions was, "Who was the composer of Cats and Phantom of the Opera?" Thanks, Hailey!
  • Sifl and Olly+
    _____ On one episode, during the Precious Roy Home Advertising segment, Olly says, "Precious Roy, what do you have to say about this amazing product?" Precious Roy yells, "THIS IS PRECIOUS ROY, AND I JUST GOT OFFERED THE LEAD ROLE IN CATS!" Thanks, Tsunami Hikawa!
  • The Simpsons+
    _____ The Simpsons and their neighbors go to see the musical Cats. Bart was very rude to some of the characters. A clip of this can be found in Audio/Video.
    _____ There is press conferance and chance for the public to meet the original actor of Fallout Boy (from the movie based on the comic Radioactive Man). He seems rather uninterested in the questions but announces that he has just got through playing the Rum Tum Tugger in Cats (thanks, Obsidia!).
    _____ Bart goes on a sugar rush, and they go crazy Broadway style, so you see them watching Cats and Bart throws a spitball at Victoria (thanks, Carly!).
    _____ There was a superhero comic convention, and this guy played Radioactive Man and the kids were asking him questions about the comic book with Radioactive Man and he said, "I'm sure I don't know, but I just finished playing the Rum Tum Tugger in the national tour of Cats!" He then looks around hopefully and no one applauds (thanks, Bombalurina!).
    _____ I've watched this Simpsons episode where Bart shares an extra sweet squishee with Milhouse. While singing "Springfield is one h*ll of a town." Bart uses a pea shooter and hits one of the meowing cat-people. I think it's Victoria (thanks, Jenn!).
  • The Single Guy+
    _____ In this short-lived TV show, John's Silverman's character tries to impress his date by a big "New York" night out. Through conniving, he gets front row tickets to Cats. Much to his chagrin, his date makes a snide remark about Cats just prior to his surprising her with the tickets (thanks, Tigger!).
  • Six Degrees of Seperation*
    _____ Will Smith plays the role of a desperate man - Paul, who schemes his way into a couples' home by pretending to be friends with the couples' children in college. To impress them, he tells them that his father is Sidney Poitier and that his famous father is going to be casting a film version of the musical Cats and Paul offers his 'hosts' roles as extras in the film. The couple is surprised that someone would think to make Cats into a film and are honored . . . it is all just a hoax though and they find that out later in the movie (thanks, Tantomeele!).
  • The Sixth Sense*
    _____ The kid's school just had a school play. The kid and the doctor guy were walking down the halls of the school, and the kid asked him if her liked it, and he said "It was great! Better than Cats." The kid went "Cats?" Then the guy then said, "Nevermind . . ." (thanks, Marzipan!).
  • Spiderman+
    _____ It was the Kraven the Hunter episode. There was this guy in a maned lion suit (sort of) running through a formal dress party. A lady yelled, "Hey! It's the guy from Cats!" Thanks, Malachi!
  • Style Channel
    _____ On the Style channel, this lady was getting a make-over because she was going to see Cats on a cruise ship. It's her favorite musical, so she wanted to look nice. She got to meet some of the characters after the show, but the stage was really small (thanks, Jemeva!).
  • Talk Soup+
    _____ The host is describing about a man who had seen the musical Cats 1,700 times, and they made fun of him saying he had no life and such. The cast talked to him and interviewed him. Then the host tried to add up how much money he had spent seeing the show:
    __________ $1,700 x 75 = $127,000
    _____ They came up that it was impossible for him to bring a girlfriend with that much money (thanks, RubyFire!).
  • Tank Girl+
    _____ It's after they get caught trying to steal the jet and tank. Rebecca looks at Jet and says, "I reckon we go to New York, see Cats." Thanks, Meg!
  • That Darn Cat*
    _____ The girl (Christina Ricchie) had bought her parents two tickets to Cats. The parents thought it was to the musical Cats, but it was some dinner thing in a bar (thanks, Sarie!).
  • Third Rock From the Sun+
    _____ Dick and Mary were were saying what if they had different lives and lived in New York City. Dick said to Mary she should be on Broadway, and she said she was way ahead of him - she was going to be in Cats. He said, "But Cats closed." She said, "D*mn, that was fast!" Thanks, Nglitz and Joy!
  • This is Your Life+
    _____ Richard Stilgoe, who helped to write some of the lyrics for Cats, was on T.V. He was the one who got surprised on this show (thanks, Steve!).
  • Today+
    _____ Cats was performing right outside the studio. They sang "Memory" and "Macavity". They even intervuded (I didn't spell it right) Bombalurina (thanks, Kari!).
  • Tony Awards 2000+
    _____ Cats was mentioned on the 2000 Tony Awards Rosie O'Donnell said a landmark will be placed at Cats in September when it closes and Nathan Lane said something about a new home for Rum Tum Tugger and his friends or something. (thanks, Bombalurina!).
  • The Torkelsons+
    _____ The girl said something like, "I finally get to try out for the school play, and what is it? The most overrated production in history!" And this old guy goes, "Cats?" Thanks, Thomas!
  • Touched by an Angel+
    _____ There was an episode where a girl was in a Broadway show (not Cats) but as she was coming out of the back of her theatre, there was a Cats poster in the backround (thanks, Bombalurina!).
    _____ There is a Cats poster hanging up in her apartment. She had posters for all sorts of Broadway plays (thanks, Ozzie!).
  • Two Stupid Dogs+
    _____ The two dogs go into a pet shop to buy a hamster. They are looking at all the pets, and the owner is telling them about what kind of pet is good. They go past the cats, and the cats start to sing about how great cats are and how everyone should have a cat. The owner apologizes for them and says, "They always seem to act a little Broadway." Thanks, Taline!
  • The View+
    _____ I think it was Merideth that dressed up as the American Jemima, but not Sillabub. Jemima, but a U.S. version. She was more of a brown and red. It was the 1997 Halloween episode, the real NY Broadway cast let her borrow it (thanks, Fleetpaw and Jemeva*!)
  • WB+
    _____ There was some guy who was being interviewed on the set of Cats. I think it was because he was a performer (thanks, Fleckenfell!).
  • The Weakest Link+
    _____ A man was asked where do ther characters Electra, Rum Tum Tugger and Etcetera come from. He answered Starlight Express (although we all know it's Cats, don't we?!). Thanks, Kate!
    _____ This is from June 3, 2001. The question was, "Who was the British composer of the musicals Jesus Christ Superstar and Cats?" ALW, of course (thanks, Cat/Darkmage!)!
    _____ This is from June 24, 2001. Ann: What musical contains the characters the Rum Tum Tugger and Grizabella? Contestant: Cats (thanks, The Schizophrenic Cat!).
    _____ The question was, "The Broadway musical Cats is based on poems by what poet?" The answer of course is T.S. Eliot, but the guy got it wrong (thanks, CHRBroadway!).
  • webRIOT+
    _____ One of questions was (Goo Goo Dolls video "Broadway" was playing), "Which Broadway musical is best known for it's 'Memory'?" The answer was Cats (of course!).
  • Welcome to New York+
    _____ The boss and a co-worker were sitting in some seats in a theater before the show started, and the guy (the co-worker) was trying to create conversation by reading the biographies from the playbill (we don't know what show they're seeing). He says "This one guy was in the Music Man and Cats. Have you seen Cats?", and the boss says "Half of it." I didn't like that show very much (thanks, Marzi!).
  • Wheel of Fortune+
    _____ On a very old (mid 80's) episode, the final phrase that was the answer was "Memory from Cats" (thanks, Fleetpaw!).
    _____ One of the puzzles was 'Longest Running Broadway Show' or 'Longest Running Broadway show in History'. Then there was a bonus puzzle where you had to name the longest running broadway show which was Cats (thanks, Bombalurina!).
  • Who's Line is it Anyway?+
    _____ On the England version, this English comedian had to sing about Cats. The host told him he could sing about "stuffed animal cats, pet cats, or the show Cats." Thanks, GermnMisto!
    _____ On an episode of Whose Line Is It Anyway? aired March 22, 2001, one of the 'Scenes From a Hat' was "What the cast of Cats are doing now that the show has finally closed." Brad sat down and licked his leg, and Ryan pretended to hack up a hairball (thanks, Kalliroscope!).
    _____ They did "Scenes From a Hat" and one was, "What the actors from Cats do now that the show is over?" Thanks, Skyfinder!
  • Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?+
    _____ I can't remember what the question was, but one of the answers was "Bell, Book, and Candle" (thanks, Cat!).
    _____ On May 1st, on the first celebrity edition episode of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?", David Duchovny was the first person up. One of his questions was: "Which of the following is NOT a character from the musical Cats?" The answers were A) Skimbleshanks B) Rum Tum Tugger C) Grizabella D) Sassafras He got it right, although was VERY unsure (thanks, Fleetpaw, Powder, and Bombalurina!).
    _____ One of the questions was "What Broadway play takes place in an oversized junkyard?" (thanks, Ozzie!).
    _____ The question was, "In this popular Broadway musical, 'The hills are alive . . .' what?" A) The Sound of Music, B) Cats, C) Guys and Dolls, and for D, I missed it, but it was a fairly popular and well-known musical (thanks, Cerrita!).
    _____ They had this question (or something really close, I don't remember the exact wording): Which of these characters in not a character in Cats? a. Grizabella, b. Skimbleshanks, c. Purrcy, d. Mistofflees (thanks, Meg!).
  • Why Do Fools Fall In Love*
    _____ Towards the end when the three ladies are walking out of a bar or restaurant, there is a Cats billboard (thanks, Cova/Covs!).
  • Will and Grace+
    _____ Will said, "We can have a nice aparment and get two cats we can name Grizabella and Skimbleshanks the Railway Cat!" Thanks, Holly "Cassandra"!
    _____ They were all talking to this girl to tell her how they made Will come out of the closet, and there was a part of the story were they didn't see each other for a year and the girl asked what they had done that year in the meantime. Jack said he "was busy bring Cats over from England. Not Cats the musical, Eathen Katz", blah blah blah (thanks, Marzi!).
  • Win Ben Stine's Money+
    _____ One of the questions was 'What's the longest running musical in history?' Answer: Cats (thanks, Cova!).
    _____ One of the questions was "Grizabella and Bustopher Jones are characters in what musical?" Thanks, Nebula!
    _____ One of the categories was "Plays that are older than Cats". Thanks, Nebula!
  • Wings+
    _____ Joe was chasing after Helen to ask her to marry him. Joe gets her cornered in an elevator, and he's trying to figure out what she's been doing all day in New York. She says "I took in a show . . . Cats." Joe quizzes her and asks, "What song does Rum Tum Tugger sing in the bottom of the second act?" Helen pauses then replies with "Feelings" which of course proves that she didn't see a show after all (thanks, Liz!).
  • Wonderworld+
    _____ On an old Australian T.V. show called 'Wonderworld' (which is like a news show for children), there was a story on the 1995 Australian production of Cats and the reporters went backstage and talked to the actors. One reporter was lucky enough to be dressed up with make-up and a wig to look like Bombalurina (thanks, Jessica!).

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