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(some info was used without permission)
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  • The Making of My Fair Lady+
    _____ They interviewed Andrew Lloyd Webber (thanks, CHRBroadway!).
  • The Making of Miss Saigon+
    _____ Every time it would shoot a view over NY, you could ALWAYS see a Cats billboard somewhere (thanks, Kat Purr!).
  • The Man Who Knew Too Little*
    _____ At the end when the agents want him [character played by Bill Murray] to sign a contract as an actor, he suggests they do Cats but then says, "No, let's do Dogs" or something like that (thanks, Colleen!).
  • The Match Game+
    _____ I was watching The Match Game on TV today and the question was: "The actor was so dedicated to his work, before he auditioned for CATS, he got fixed." Thanks, Notorious Cat!
  • MTV
    _____ They were advertising the reshowing of the MTV Video Awards. It went something like this (not sure the exact wording except for the Cats part): "We know we already showed it, but we decided that if Cats can run forever, then we can show it again!" Thanks, Nebula!
    _____ Sometimes when MTV is showing their sponsors before they show the commericals, night-time traffic is shown with a lit Cats billboard in the background.
  • The Muppet Show+
    _____ Jason Alexander from Seinfeld was the guest. He and a muppet put up a musical called Bats. The Cats eyes was made green, looking more like bat-eyes. Jason sang a song with the "Memory" music among other songs (thanks, Lone!).
  • Mystery+
    _____ This show is on PBS. It was an Inspector Morse mystery. Unfortunately, I don't know which episode, but it was in the show about Morse, also. Morse and Lewis were driving, and there was a song from some opera on. Lewis said he thought it was Cats, and that his wife liked Cats.
    __________Lewis: I don't know why, she's allergic to them.
    __________Morse: Would you shut up about bloody Cats?!
    __________Thanks, Kalliroscope!
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000+
    _____ The episode where the movie they're showing is Cave Dwellers. One of the first shots of the movie is of the cave dwellers. There's a closeup of one of the females, who's just tearing into a piece of meat. Tom Servo says,"Hey, it's the cast party for Cats. It's Betty Buckley and she's eating Dick van Patton!" Thanks, Rachel!
    _____ The movie was "Werewolf," and at the very end, they show a lady walking into the werewolf's room. The pair hugs, and Tom Servo says, "Okay, movie, we know, she's a werewolf too!" But then she turns around, and her hair is sticking out like one of the yak-hair wigs, and Crow T. Robot says, "No! We were wrong! She just joined the cast of Cats!" Thanks, Jemima Mistoffelees!
  • The Nanny+
    _____ Mr. Shelfield is a producer and always talks about being glad that he didn't make a Broadway production with "a bunch of people running around dressed up as cats and singing!" Thanks, Cassandra The Scariest Cat!
    _____ Fran and Maxwell are talking about how some cat must have eaten a bird's egg that had disappeared (actually, Fran dropped it). And Fran says, "I thought you hated cats!" Maxwell says, "That's only the musical Cats." Thanks, Teazer!
    _____ Fran and a friend were sitting in Fran's bedroom, and a Cats poster was hanging on the wall over the dresser. All you could see, though was a white fuzzy foot and the Cats logo in the corner (thanks, Ozzie!).
    _____ Mr. Shefield is nominated for five Tonys and he says "Where's Niles? He was supposed to tell the children." Then Niles comes down and says, "They won't come down until they find out how many Andrew Lloyd Webber is nominated for." Thanks, Mistoteazer!
  • Ned and Stacy+
    _____ I don't know how accurate this is because I didn't see it for myself, but my friend Whitney told me about this. Ned's best friend (played by the guy who plays Richard Fish on Ally McBeal now) is a huge Cats fan, and they mention it all the time. This show was canceled a few years ago but it still can be seen on Lifetime every day in the morning, I think (thanks, Andrea!).
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas+
    _____ Ken Page [Old Deutoronemy] does the voice of Oggie Boogie (the bad ' guy). It's really cool (thanks, CHRBroadway!).
  • Nikki+
    _____ There is a Cats poster hanging in their hall. It can only be seen from certain camera angles, but its there (thanks, Sara!).
  • Noises Off+
    _____ It's a play within a play show. During the second act, when you are back behind the scene, they have a Cats poster on the wall (thanks, Cynesra!).
  • NYPD Blue+
    _____ During the opening credits when they are showing the different shots of New York, they briefly show the Wintergarden Theatre. It is in the credits of this past season (thanks, Whimsey!).
  • One Fine Day*
    _____ Maggie said, "I wanna go see The Cats!" Jack replied, "It's Cats not The Cats." Thanks, Lone!
  • Opera in the Outback+
    _____ On a program called Opera in the Outback, on the Bravo! channel, some big orchestra played various songs. One of them was "The Jellicle Ball" (thanks, Fleetpaw!)!
  • Opposite Sex+
    _____ These four guys were walking around some city (I think it was NYC). Well, they were walking around in Cats shirts. They started talking about the theater, and I'm guessing they saw Cats (thanks, GermnMisto!).
  • The Out of Towners*
    _____ Goldie Hawn and Steve Martin run into this guy who asks if he can borrow money for a cab to get to the theater. They think he is Andrew Lloyd Webber (which he obviously isn't) and start talking about how they love his shows. They mention how they had gone to see Cats and how sad it was because their cat had just died (thanks, CHRBroadway!).
  • The Parole Officer+
    _____ Susan Jane Tanner [Jellylorum] was in the recent British film as a stern probation officer (thanks, Kate!).
  • PBS NewsHour+
    _____ They did a segment called "Farewell to Cats" by Elizabeth Farnsworth (thanks, Darkmage!).
  • Pebble and the Penguin+
    _____ In the "Now and Forever Reprise", three male penguins came up behind three female penguins, and they do a move that is JUST like a move from "The Jellicle Ball"! The males scoop up the females just like Tugger does with Bomba when all the queens and toms are dancing together (thanks, Teazer Kitten!).
  • People of the Community+
    _____ This ws on a Welsh speaking channel, and there was a Welsh soap opera on called "Pobol Y Cwm" (literally translated to "People of the Community"), and not only did someone have a Cats poster on their wall, someone ELSE was wearing a Cats T-shirt (thanks, Oli!).
  • Pepper Ann+
    _____ Pepper Ann is talking to her grandmother about the Grandma's past. The grandmother mentions a musical she performed in that got rave reviews. A flashback of it is shown. After that, the grandmother replies, "Yeah. The play went on for years! That is, until people started going to New York to see that kitty litter play . . ." (thanks, Evaearlong!).
    _____ She was auditioning for her school musical and the director was wearing a shirt with the musical RATS on it. I know this is an actual musical so I don't know if it was to make fun of CATS or if it was really supposed to be RATS (thanks, CHRBroadway!).
  • Pet Project+
    _____ They did a segment called "Trivial Purrsuit" and the question was, "What is the longest running musical on Broadway?" Before they went to a commercial break, the host said something on the lines of, "This should be fresh in your 'Memory'!" They showed a clip of "Mr. Mistoffelees" (at West End, I'm not sure, it was really fuzzy and far away from the stage, but the only person I could see was ' Jacob Brent!). Thanks, Zoe!
  • Pinky and the Brain+
    _____ Brain was trying to take over the world by writing a musical in the style of Andrew Lloyd Webber (only they used a slightly different name!). With Pinky's help, they came up with an obvious parody of Cats: "MICE". The logo was the word "MICE" scrawled across a black background with Pinky's ridiculous blue eyes on it. The songs were parodies of Cats songs, the most obvious being the one on "Memory," where there was this old, decrepid looking mouse singing a melody similar to "Memory." There were plenty of people in doofy white mouse suits, too (thanks, Coricopat!)
  • Planet's Funniest Animals+
    _____ The host says at the beginning, "The funniest animal show since the musical Cats." Thanks, Kari!
  • Pop Up Video+
    _____ On the VH1 show Pop Up Video, they were showing a video called "Bad Boys" by The Miami Sound Machine. There were people dressed as cats, almost like in the Broadway show, and it kept popping up diffrent facts about the Broadway show, about when it started, etc. As it turns out, no one involved in the making of the video had even seen Cats. Amazing (thanks, Sam!)!
  • Random Play+
    _____ I saw this on VH1, and this guy was describing this musical called Roadies: the Musical. He said, "It's just like Cats but instead of the kitties, they got the fat guys."
  • Reading Rainbow+
    _____ Levar Burton (spelling?) goes backstage on a production of Cats and sees them putting on make up, etc. I recently found out that it will be playing again on Reading Rainbow on PBS sometime next year. Go to the Reading Rainbow website for the exact date (thanks, Pandora!).
  • The Reluctant Vampire*
    _____ The main lady and the vampire are driving down the street at night in a convertible and pass a big billboard for Cats (thanks, Karla!).
  • The Replacements*
    _____ They were having cheerleader auditions and two dancers were auditioning. The lady in charge said, "I've heard you're in Cats." They replied, "Oh no, we're dancers in a club called Pussy Cats." Thanks, Fleckenfell!
  • Ripley's Believe It or Not+
    _____ One fact was, "Cats uses over 5,000 gallons of makeup remover each year." Thanks, Kari!
  • Rosie O' Donnell+
    _____ It was National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and she was celebrating on her show. She made up a song about breast cancer to the tune of "Memory." Thanks, Victoria (a.k.a. Steph)!
    _____ Before she showed Drew Carry her "Rosie and Drew in the Animal Kingdom Barbies," Rosie and Drew mentioned some things about Cats and the Rum Tum Tugger except Drew called him the Rum Tum Tigger (thanks, Cat!).
    _____ On September 8, 2000, one of the guests was Marlene Danielle [Bombalurina/Demeter] from the Broadway show. She was in full outfit, and she sang a little bit of "Macavity: the Mystery Cat". Also on Ebay, her costume was auctioned off on eBay, autographed by Marlene herself (thanks, Jason!).

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