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Cat Eyes

(some info was used without permission)
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  • Eight is Enough+
    _____ Betty Buckley played the mother. E! True Hollywood did the behind the scenes of Eight is Enough. They mentioned how Betty Buckley went on to play Grizabella in Cats (thanks, CHRBroadway!).
  • Entertainment Tonight+
    _____ The gal who plays Annie Spadaro on Caroline in the City goes to the Winter Garden to meet the cast, and they're all sitting in a stairwell and she has some conversations, then Marlene Danielle comes down the stairs and meets "Annie" because Annie plays Bombalurina on CitC. AT the end of the show, during the credits, "Annie" and cast are meowing the theme music from Entertainment Tonight (thanks, Marzi!).
    _____ They were doing a "Whatever Happened To" show, and it showed a man from some old T.V. show (don't remember who it was) walking past a huge billboard for Cats (thanks, Ozzie!).
  • Fame+
    _____ Leroy is planning to audition for Cats. He's looking at the Cats poster and goes off into day dream land. He comes out of the performing arts school, and cat start popping out to the music, and they all come out, and then there is music playing (it was like a Cats medley, a lot of the songs were sort of mingled together), and they all start dancing and he dances along with them. Then there's Macavity fight scene music and it looks like the cats are attacking him, but when they back up he's dressed as a cat, and they dance a lot more. Then bam, they all disappear and he's dressed normal again, and he starts to look around for some cats, and when he looks in a garbage can one of them sorta pops out, and he hears a real cat meow in the other direction and when he looks away the cat in the can disappears, and it fades back into normal land (thanks, Marzi and Ivy!).
    _____ The students were practicing for some big show and some of them came out dressed as different characters from other musicals. Two people came out dressed as Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer an did the cartwheel thing (thanks, CHRBroadway!).
  • Family Guy+
    _____ They were at the table eating dinner a talking about The King and I because the mom was directing it. The dad wanted to make a few changes. Then Stuie (how ever you spell it) threw mashed potatoes at him a said, "You're the worse thing to happen to musical theater since Andrew Lloyd Webber." Then Trews some at the mom and says, "I just plainly don't like you." Thanks, Fleckenfell!
    _____ Brian had gone to Hollywood and was directing a porn film. He didn't want the others to see it so he kicked them out of his studio. Lois told Peter he just didn't want them to get in the way and that it wouldn't be the first time Peter had wrecked a performance. Then we see a performance of Cats (I saw Misto, Victoria, Skimbleshanks, and I think Tumblebrutus) on stage. Then Peter broke through the wall on stage in his car and ran over the one I think was Munkustrap (thanks, CHRBroadway!).
  • Fashion Emergency+
    _____ On channel E! the show "Fashion Emergency" was on. On the show the two girls that were getting the makeover went to the opening of a cruise and Jennyanydots, Coricopat, and Jellylorum were there all dressed up in their costumes. I remember one of the girls that had the make-over went over and talked to the cats and told them she had just gotton a make-over and Jennyanydots said, "Well we went in to get a make-over and look what happened to us!" I'm not sure why they were there but they were (thanks, Lixue!).
  • Flashback+
    _____ "Memory" was played for about five seconds, and the question was 'that was Memory from which famous musical written by Andrew Lloyd Webbber?' Thanks, Alissa!
  • Flawless*
    _____ While Rusty is looking through music sheets for a song to work on with Walt for his voice lessons, a Cats booklet makes its way to the top; unfortunately they didn't choose to work on anything from it (thanks, Obsidia!).
  • Flying Circus+
    _____ I was watching Monty Python's Flying Circus with a friend today, and a sketch came on with a man (Eric Idle) reading children's books. They were about fairies and elfs, and some how they kept turning into really nasty stories. One of the charcters he was reading about was called, "Rumpletweaser". Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that the troupe is British, and so are T.S. Elliot and Andrew L. Webber. Weird (thanks, Samantha!).
  • Fools Rush In*
    _____ The guy (played by Matthew Perry) is driving through the city after his girlfriend leaves and he wants to get back with her, but doesn't know where she is. A Cats billboard is on top of a building while he's driving.
  • Forbidden Broadway+
    _____ This show which parodies current Broadway shows, mostly as protest to the modern, glamourized musical business contains noteable parodies of Cats including "A Chorus Cat" with such lyrics as "And now, welcome to auditions for the longest running musical in Broadway history...Again! Scratch, lick, lick, purr, kick, scratch, again... that connects to purr, purr, hiss, flick, kick, step...etc." and "Meow, I hope I get it...How many kitties does he need?" and "Once Chorus Line topped the list of Broadway shows. But Cats is so God-d-- n witless the public goes!" and "Andrew Lloyd Superstar" a parody on ALW with one part where "ALW" sings a song to the tune of Memory with such lyrics as "Memory". Is my power a memory, even though Cats and Phantom will forever play on. I remember a time when all of Broadway was mine. Is that era ever gone?" Not to mention that a whole lot of the other songs make cracks on Cats along with Phantom and Les Mis and how they will never close. (Sadly, that's not quite so funny anymore considering Broadway...) Thanks, Masked Rose!
  • Frazier+
    _____ He and his female boss were having an affair. When she got transfered to Chicago, he thought he was going to lose her, so he went to the airport to talk her out of leaving. Since her plane was delayed, they decided it was fate and tried to really get to know each other. He asked her her favorite musical. She replied, "Cats!" The look on Frazier's face was priceless (thanks, Catlyn!).
    _____ Niles comes over to spend some time with his brother and mentions how Maris (his wife) and her lady friends were putting on a production of Cats. He says how the ladies were purring around the house and how Mrs. Brown was even caught scent-marking the drapes (thanks, Kay Koch a.k.a. Sillabub!)!
    _____ Frasier and Kate were telling each other their favourite musicals, and Kate's was Cats (thanks, Bombalurina!).
  • Friends+
    _____ Monica lost her credit card, and found the thief in a dance class. The two become friends and the thief tells Monica there are auditions for Cats and they could sing "Memories" (which should have been "Memory"). However, Monica sang only as far as the first word, but she found it interesting to be in the Winter Garden Theatre.
    _____ Rachel was trying to throw a pizza box into a chute. She struggles with it, but finally decides to leave it halfway out of the chute. She turns around and sees a janitor (???) who chews her out about it because he spent half and hour unclogging it. He mimicks her on how she's a "princess". One of the things he said was, "Daddy, make the cast of Cats sing happy birthday to me!"
    _____ Rachel lost Ross's monkey named Marcel. They all decide to go and look for him. Joey says, "All right, you're a monkey. You're loose in the city. Where do you go?" Chandler replies, "Okay, it's his first time out so he's probably going to want to do some touristy things. I'll go to Cats and you go to the Russian Tea Room." Thanks for more info on this one, Bomby!
  • Full House+
    _____ Joey and Jessie had come up with a jingle about cat food and Joey wanted to dress up like a cat when they go to promote the jingle saying, "Yeah, I know this guy who plays a cat on Broadway! I can borrow his costume . . . I just can't remember what show he's in . . ." Jessie gives him a weird look and goes, "Cats?" and Joey answers, "Oh yeah, that's the one!" Thanks, Lixue!
    _____ Jesse and Becky go to a twin support group. The instructor tells them to pay separate attention to each one depending on their interests. He says, "If one likes science and one likes music, take one to a museum and the other to see . . . Cats!" Thanks, Taline!
  • Generation Game+
    _____ Rosemarie Ford (Bombalurina) used to be in an English game show called the Generation Game as an assistant (thanks, Richard!).
  • Ghost*
    _____ He's in the subway, and they show a Cats poster in the background hanging on the wall (thanks, Jadadaye!).
  • The Golden Girls+
    _____ Blanch and Rose get parts at their community theatre's production of Cats. The costumes they used didn't look like the ones in the show, but they look cool (thanks, MunkustrapALW!)!
    _____ Rose and Blanche come home from an audition. Dorothy asks, "How was it?" Rose pipes up, "I think we got a part! Everyone else was really stinky. You might've even got a part." Blanche replies, "Rose, we were auditioning for the award-winning musical Cats. You have to be fierce, agile, sensual." Dorothy comebacks with, "Well, Blanche, you seemed to have been fit for the part. You do a lot of performances in back alleys." Later on, when Sophia is sent to the hospital, Rose and Blanche came in wearing COSTUMES! I think Blanche was Bombalurina, and Rose was Demeter or Rumpleteazer. They both looked more like Jennyanydots with spots on one side and stripes on the other of their costume. They had only ears, no wigs or makeup. Blanche wore a cape, and they had high-heeled boots and collars (thanks, Miss Bombalurina!).
  • Good Morning America+
    _____ In the audience, there was a woman with a sign that said, "I travelled 13,070 miles to see Cats!" Thanks, Ozzie!
  • Grace Under Fire+
    _____ Her daughter Libby are in New York and Grace wants her daughter to see a cultured show, so she asked rudely at the information desk for a good show to watch, and he writes down Cats they are so excited to be going to see Cats, but when they get there, they find out he tricked them and sent them to "Hats", a show where the only thing the actors wear are hats (thanks, Jason!).
  • Greed+
    _____ One of the questions was "What is considered 'the greatest show on earth?'" One of the answers was CATS, even tho the real answer was Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Circus (thanks, Froster!).
    _____ I think there was a question like, "Which of the four are Andrew Lloyd Webster musicals?" and Cats was one of the correct answers (thanks, Lady Grizabone!).
  • Growing Pains+
    _____ Mike and Carol were in a bar, and they were in New York and there was a Cats poster in the background (thanks, Sarie!).
  • Head of the Class+
    _____ Mr. Moore, the teacher who was also an actor, was putting on a production about Hamlet. He invited his class down to view the dress rehearsal. It was in a tiny off-off-off-Broadway building (bleachers instead of chairs, tiny audience space). Rich Girl Darlene made a comment about the surroundings. Someone told her, "Calm down, Darlene. This is a tiny production. It's not Cats." Thanks, DivaTud!
  • Hey Arnold!+
    _____ Helga and her father go to see a musical called Rats. They found it extremely funny and corny. The music was not related to Cats though.
    _____ However, I have been told that Rats is an actual musical, so it is questionable as to whether the show was using Cats or Rats (thanks, Bomby!).
  • Histeria+
    _____ They were looking for someone to write the national anthem for the newly liberated America and a bunch of different composers were up on stage being interviewed. Under ALW is written "Phantom of Broadway" instead of his name and ALW says, "Hello, I'm Andy, king of the musical theater. I wrote the music to Cats, Phantom of the Opera, and a little something I like to call "The National Anthem." And then he sings his anthem which my sister insists is a rip-off of Memory, but it's not exactly. He later gets crushed by a chandelier (thanks, Obsidia and Masked Rose!).
    _____ This comes from the T.V. cartoon 'Histeria' in which they spoof on historical events and people. I dont know the characters names but at any rate, they are 'advertising' for a new musical - something having to do with an event that happened in history . . . I wasnt really paying attention until they said the slogan of the 'new musical' which is: "NOW BUT NOT FOREVER" (thanks, Tantomeele!).
    _____ That old dude (father time, I think) was talking about Egypt, or something. He was talking about how they worshiped cats and stuff. Then the next scene he is at a theatre and there is a show playing there called Egyptian Cats, which was an obvious knock-off of Cats. There were a bunch of cats on stage wrapped up like mummies screaming their heads off like they were dying or something. Quite insulting (thanks, SWLeia!)!
  • Home Improvement+
    _____ Brad injurs his leg and gets a big bruse on it, and Tim looks at it and says "Mungo Jerrie! Look at the size of that thing!" I think that is how he said Mungojerrie, as two words (thanks, Cerrita!).
  • I Love 1989+
    _____ This show reviews music, films, shows etc. One of these shows was called Challenge Anarka. It was about giving this lady a task to do like building somthing for a school or for charity. She would run around all over the place dressed in a track suit/leotard. They cost a thousand pounds each, and they got the costume designer from Cats to design and make them (thanks, Steve!).
  • In Living Color+
    _____ In this sketch comedy show, recurring characters Clavell and Howard Tibbs III (David Alan Grier and Tommy Davidson), two phony talent agents who run their very low-budget company, Funky Finger Productions, have met their female match in one particular sketch. The female counterparts are played by T'keyah "Crystal" Keymah and Kim Wayans, and they show them their play, "DreamCats" (a cross between Dreamgirls and Cats). Their "play" is actually taped very shakily on a camcorder, and they come out in full length Diana Ross-style gowns and "meow" to the tune of "Memory", off-key (thanks, Matt!).
  • Jake Hanna+
    _____ Jake Hanna was in New York to be on a show, and as they were driving around, they showed the Winter Garden Theatre and Cats was performing there (thanks, Kari!)
  • Jeffery*
    _____ A character is a dancer in Cats. When he dies from AIDS, Jeffery imagines seeming him ascend to heaven in a pure-white version of his Cats costume (thanks, SideShow Lew!)
  • Jem+
    ______ This is a cartoon (anyone else remember that one from the 80's?). The episode was "Broadway Magic." They had a scene in a record office and a Cats poster was on the wall, complete with the eyes (thanks, Denise!).
  • Jeopardy+
    _____ On June 16, 2000, there was a question where the answer was Cats, "In February 2000, this longest-running musical announced that it would become a "Memory" on June 25, 2000." The answer was 'What is Cats?' This was in Double Jeopardy in the $200 question (thanks, Meter!).
    _____ There was a category named Musicals. Then we heard a song clip from "Memory", and the answer was then "What is Cats?" (This was the Norwegian Jeopardy.) Thanks, Lone!
    _____ The catergory was "Kitty Lit" and the question was: "Your cat would love the poems in "Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats" by this author." The answer was "Who is TS Eliot?" Thanks, Phantom!
    _____ The catergory was "The End" and the question was: "The term "Now and Forever" became finite when this show closed on September 10, 2000." The answer was, of course, "What is Cats?" Thanks, Phantom!
    _____ The question was "T.S. Eliot created the character Macavity who was a fiend in feline shape and a monster of what?" The guy said deformity, but we all know it was depravity (thanks, CHRBroadway!).
  • Jesus Christ Superstar*
    ______ Rebecca Parker [Cassandra] played one of Herod's dancing girls in it (thanks, Cat/Darkmage!).
    ______ Fergus Logan [Tumblebrutus] plays one of Herod's guys with the pink tennis shoes (thanks, Megan!).
  • Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat+
    ______ Drew Varley and Bryan Walters are in it (thanks, Mistoteazer and Jemima Kitten!).
  • Josie and the Pussycats*
    ______ Josie's boyfriend (the guy played by Gabriel Mann, I forgot the character's name) is talking on a pay phone. Behind him, you can see the Cats logo on a paper on the wall (thanks, Fleetpaw!).
  • Just Shoot Me+
    _____ There was a brief, but funny Cats sighting. Dennis was explaining to someone (I don't remember who, I think the model he just married, though) why cats (the animal) are good, because she thought it was stupid to have a show cat. He says "The ancient Egyptains worshiped them like gods. So-and-so (can't remember name here, either) has cats, too. And what, I ask, is the longest-running Broadway show?" The person rolled her eyes. It was pretty funny (thanks, Fleetpaw!)!
  • Kablam!+
    _____ Henry and June were telling about their new musical. It was called Kablam!: The Musical. Then Henry said "Kablam: Now and Forever." Thanks, GermnMisto!
  • Labyrinth*
    _____ When they showed the main character's (Sarah) room, there was a poster from Cats on her wall (thanks, Kari and Kristen!).
  • Larry King Live+
    _____ They had a bunch of people from Ripley's Believe It or Not. They had this man who had surgery to make himself look like a cat. He was wearing a Cats shirt. It was the one with the video cover on it (thanks, Fleckenfell!).
  • Law and Order: SVU+
    _____ One of the detectives makes a comment to the other about how the killer is "probably one of the ones camped outside of the Winter Garden hoping to get CATS not too close". Thanks, Evaearlong!
  • Linford Christies Record Breakers (shown in England)+
    _____ Jez (the reporter) went backstage of a London show, dressed up as Skimbleshanks and then Rumpelteazer and Mungojerrie gave him a dance lesson! Then he awards the cast with a huge "Record Breakers" medal. Also features snippets from the video, an interview with Andrew Lloyd Webber and snippets of the London cast rehersing (thanks, Sapphire Jellicle!).
  • Logan's Run*
    _____ There is some old guy that the hero and heroine meet. The old guy has about a bazillion cats. The heroes never saw a cat, so to explain about cats, the old guy starts reciting "The Naming Of Cats" to them (thanks, Razzle!).
    _____ At the beginning, the character, played by Jason Alexander, is packing to go visit his friends, and he has a bunch of musical CD's. One of them is Cats (thanks, Whimsey!).
    _____ From Martin: Logan's Run dates from 1976. CD's didn't exist until the early 1980s and Cats also dates from that later decade. The old man is in fact quoting T.S. Elliot's Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats.

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