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  • 100%+
    _____ On this gameshow, they asked, "Who was the author of Old Possums Book Of Practical Cats? T.S. Eliot". He said it inspired the hit musical of Cats (thanks, Holly "Cassandra"!).
  • 7th Heaven+
    _____ It was around Christmas, so the family let a homeless man stay for a while. Simon was hanging up lights in the house with the guy, and told him, "I love New York. Have you ever seen Cats, the musical?" The man said no. Simon continues, "You know, they're not real cats?" Then later on into the show, Simon says, "You know Cats was based on a book of poems?" Thanks, Miskapheles!
  • ABC Commercial
    _____ Barbarbra Walters is auditioning for a show, and I think she's singing something from "Chorus Line" or "42nd Street". The director says to her, "Okay, that's enough". Then Barbarbra says, "Oh, I can do something from Cats!", and she starts pawing the air (thanks, Zoe!).
  • A & E
    _____ On the Fourth of July, they were showing the fireworks display in Washington D.C., and they were playing songs. They played "The Jellicle Ball" (thanks, CHRBroadway!).
  • Access Hollywood+
    _____ They toured the Winter Garden Theater and talked about Cats and its final performance. One of their anchorwomen, I think her name is Shawn Harrison, got to put on the Bombalurina makeup, and "The Jellicle Ball" was playing in the background the whole time (thanks, Ozzie!)!
  • The Actor's Studio+
    _____ They had Stockard Channing (Rizzo from "Grease"), and they showed a clip of her in some movie (I din't catch the title) where she said to some guy, "I know you wanted to be in the movie version of "Cats"!" Thanks, Zoe!
  • Alf+
    _____ In one episode from this late-80's sitcom about an alien who lives with a "nice, normal family", Willie and Kate (the parents) talk about seeing "Cats". ALF, the smart cracking alien who comes from a planet where cats are considered dinner instead of a house pet, tries to coax them into taking him with them so he can go backstage and eat the actors (thanks, Matt!).
  • Almost Perfect*
    _____ The people are trying to do a movie, but their director can't do it, so they're looking for a different one. The lady says "What about so-and-so?" and the person who came to tell them the director can't make it says "Didn't you hear? He left to go direct the South America production of Cats." One of the guys then says "Yeah? What did the South Americans do wrong?" Thanks, Razzle!
  • America's Funniest Home Videos+
    _____ It goes something like this:
    __________ John Fugelsang: Yeah, I was in CATS once.
    __________ Daisy Fuentes: Really? I don't believe you.
    __________ John: Yeah, yeah, I was! I went to go see it, and I had to go to the bathroom. Unfortunately, I couldn't find it . . . and, uh . . . wandered onstage.
    __________ Daisy: [Laughs]
    __________ John: Yeah, yeah. The Rum Tum Tugger beat the cr*p out of me.
    _____Thanks, Froster!
  • An American in Paris*
    _____ There's a commercial for Cats on the taped version (thanks, Coventina & Tail Kinker!).
  • Andrew Lloyd Webber's 50th Birthday
    _____ I don't know the exact title of this video. I saw it on PBS, and it's a concert of ALW songs in celebration of his fiftieth birthday. Anyway, "Memory" is one of the songs that Elaine Paige sings (thanks, Ozzie!).
  • Angel+
    _____ A psychic is talking to a demon and she asks him if he would like to return to his own dimension. His response? "Are you kidding? I'd rather sit through a junior high production of Cats." Thanks, Valdez515!
  • Angela Anaconda+
    _____ I love cartoons, but this was an accidental channel surf and stop. On Angela [FOX Family], her class were going on a nature hike without Nanette (a snooty classmate of Angela's). In a conversation with Gordy, she says, "Gordy, could anything better happen on this wonderful day?" Gordy replies, "Seeing the final show of Cats?" Thanks, The Schizophrenic Cat!
  • Animaniacs+
    _____ In one cartoon, "Andy Loud Webby" recruits the Warner Brothers (and the Warner Sister) to star in his new musical, "Cats of Phantom Boulevard", after he fires his star (a Glenn Close look-alike) for singing off-key. Wakko Warner sings a parody of "Memory", and other ALW musicals are also made fun of (but in a very hilarious way). Thanks, Matt!
  • Bean*
    _____ Sir John Mills (Asparagus/Gus) is the chairman (thanks, Bradley!).
  • Big Wolf on Campus+
    _____ An exchange student from France transferrs to Tommy's (the werewolf) school. Her name is Carol but like the fact that he's a werewolf, she's a werecat. At the end of the show, Tommy is reading a postcard Carol sent him after she left. Quote: "And she sent me a postcard from New York. She said that she had joined some Broadway musical about cats. I can't remember the name, though." Thanks, Blaze!
  • Blue Peter+
    _____ It's a children's TV show over here in England. They had one show where Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer performed (from the London Cast) as well as Mistoffelees I think it was. One of their female presenters, Konnie Huq showed how they do their makeup by getting her face done like Demeter. She also showed some of the costumes (thanks, Bomby!).
  • Bowfinger*
    _____ Robert Bowfinger (Steve Martin), a failing movie director, is sitting in his office listening to the messages on his answering machine. One, from an actress who worked for him, says, "I'm sorry, Bowfinger, but I'm going to England to be in Cats. It's a small role, but I'll do well in it." Thanks, Jemima Mistoffelees!
  • Boy Meets World+
    _____ My friend spotted a Cats mentioning, and he said someone named 'Jerry Mungo' not being able to play football. It could just be a coincidence . . . or not (thanks, Kalliroscope!).
  • Bravo
    _____ There was a Betty Buckley (original Broadway Grizabella) biography (thanks, Bombalurina!).
  • Broadway on Bravo Week+
    _____ On Monday, November 1st -- They told Betty Buckley's life story and she performed some songs from her Broadway show's, how she got the part for Cats and other things about the show. Then she sang "Memory".
    _____ On Wednesday, November 3rd -- They showed the making of Chicago about the production done in London (when this was I do not know). Near the end as a group of people were walking through a hallway into a room, hanging on the wall in the back of the room is a framed poster for Cats. Also they showed ALW attending opening night.
    _____ On Thursday, November 4th -- They are going to have Elaine Page's story. I hope they tell about her part in CATS, and maybe she'll sing "Memory".
    _____ Thanks for all these sightings, Norman!
  • Caitlin's Way
    ______ This is a show on Nickelodeon. Griffen and a couple of his friends were trying to persuade Caitlin to allow them to put on a play she wrote for a class recently. Griffen made the comment, "No one comes to our plays . . . not after last year's production of Cats!" Thanks, Powder!

  • Caroline in the City+
    _____ Caroline's next door neighbor is a character from Cats. However, this isn't sure on whether it's true or not (thanks, Sarah!).
    _____ Caroline's friend, Annie, who is in Cats, is being audited by the IRS. She's in deep trouble until she finds out her auditer, Jimmy Callahan, has always wanted to be in the play. She bargins with him - if he lets her off scott-free, she'll get him an audition for Cats! Of course she can't really do this, so she forces some of her friends to pose as the play's director and producer. Jimmy is played by the wonderful David Hyde Pierce (Niles on Frasier). Thanks, SideShow Lew!
    _____ Annie's music teacher comes to NY to see Annie in Cats. But Annie isn't in the show anymore, so Caroline comes up with a plan of using an old Playbill with Annie's name in it, figuring the teacher will never know (because you "can't tell one Cat from another" *L*) As a side note, one of their friends stays to watch the show, and is pretty mad, because he swore he'd never sit through Cats; but in the end, he loves the show (and is decked out in Cats attire and wants his picture taken with a Cats poster :-) At the end, the teacher doesn't notice Annie isn't with the show anymore, and Annie realizes she misses the show, so she re-auditions and gets back in the show (thanks, Nebula!).
    _____ One of Carol's neighboors dances in Cats and prances around the building, mimcking a real cat and when asked she said, "My producer says that after 16,000 preformances, I'm getting a bit stale." Later on in the show, she has her leg in the air and licking her knee and Richard says "I know you're going to use that pose after you get out of Cats." Thanks, Rubyfire!
    _____ Caroline is getting married and Annie is her maid-of-honor. Caroline's friends are talking about Annie and one of them makes a comment something like, "So she's in Cats . . . she goes on stage and meows a couple of times." Annie is later seen with Caroline wearing her "Cats" jacket (thanks, Connie!).
    _____ Annie was a dancer and a long-term Cats member in the show. I believe that she played the part of Bombalurina (thanks, Morning Wolf!).
    _____ Annie got the night off from Cats and let her understudy go on for her. Charlie got Annie's suspicion up that her understudy was trying to steal her part, so Annie ran to the theatre. She screamed at her understudy backstage, but it turned out Lindsey's (the understudy) parents were actually there. After Annie left, Lindsey's parents asked, "So when do you think you can get rid of her?" Lindsey said, "Easter, tops!" Thanks, Bombalurtina!
  • Cartoon Network
    _____ In this one show on the Cartoon Network, there's this Russian guy and he's reporting to his boss that he saw talking dogs. His boss replied, "I don't care if they were singing dogs! I don't care if they were singing the theme from Cats!" Thanks, Dwayne!
    _____ These dogs are driving on a road shooting something out of a car and they blow up a billboard advertising Cats (thanks, Dwayne!).
  • Citizen Dog+
    _____ The dog, Fergus, is digging a hole to put a time capsule in when Cuddles the cat walks up. Cuddles asks, "Can I put a cat artifact in your time capsule?" Fergus asks what it is, and Cuddles answers, "My special 10th anniversary edition of the hit Broadway musical CATS on DVD!" Cuddles begins to belt out "Memory" when Fergus relents and puts in his time capsule (thanks, Alegria!).
  • City Guys+
    _____ At the diner everyone goes to, there's sometimes a small Cats poster in the back (thanks, Yvelle!).
  • Clueless*
    _____ They said, "Do you have any acting backrounds" and Cher answered, "I saw Cats three times." Thanks, Munkustrap5!
  • CNN Newsroom+
    _____ They had a broadcast about how Broadway has changed over the years, and they talked about Cats! They showed clips of the final production and at the end they said, "Perhaps Broadway needs another Cats." Thanks, Corina!
  • Commercials
    ______ This was a Visa commercial. A lady who looks like Bebe Neuwirth when she was in Chicago starts singing "I Got Rhythm". Then all these people come out dancing, and all of the sudden two Cats come out from the left and right! The one on the right was Misto, I don't know who the left one was! Then at the end, Misto's pops up holding a Visa card with the cutest look on his face (thanks, Casio!)!
    This was a commercial for the Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat video. Some guy says, "If your family loved Cats, then you'll love Andrew Lloyd Webbwer's Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat." Thanks, Fleckenfell!
  • Conan O'Brian+
    _____ It was his sidekick Andy Richter's last day, so to pay tribute to him, they put on a song and dance number. The dance number is full of characters all from Broadway plays like Annie and The Phantom of the Opera, but who is the first you see? Two dancers from Cats dancing in front (who look a lot like Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer!). Thanks, Raiya13!
  • Counterpoint+
    _____ The programme Counterpoint is a general knowledge music quiz. It's on the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), that I heard last year. The presenter asked a Cats question: In the 1981 ALW musical Cats, which cat is described as "magical?" The answer is, of course, Mr. Mistoffelees (thanks, Yi-Peng!).
  • Cousins*
    _____ There is a part in a dance studio and there is a Cats poster hanging on the wall (thanks, Marzi!).
  • The Critic+
    _____ In an episode of Comedy Central's "The Critic", Jay gets in an argument with his mother. He feels bad, because all around him are examples of "mother and child." One of these examples is a big billboard with the CATS logo, and next to it is a smaller billboard with "Kittens" with a smaller version of the CATS logo (thanks, Bellenine!).
    _____ Jay's son my a float for a school parade. He made a float of a horse and the front falls off and all that's left is the butt, and it caught of fire. Jay shouts out, "It could hit an important building!" The float runs inside the Cats theatre and blows up. Jay says, "It's not a big loss." How dare them (thanks, MunkustrapALW!)!
  • Crocodile Dundee*
    _____ They're driving through New York City, and I caught sight of a Cats sign over the Winter Garden Theatre (thanks, Kalliroscope!).
  • The Crocodile Hunter+
    _____ This is kind of like Jake Hanna but a little different. See, Steve and his wife were just on a talk show, and as they were walking around New York, they pasted the Wintergarden Theater and Cats was playing there (thanks, GermnMisto!).
  • The Daily Show+
    _____ Jon Stewart is interviewing Joley Fisher. He started saying nonsense stuff, and then he shouts, "Jellicle Cat!" I thought that was pretty funny (thanks, Nebula!)
    _____ It had a little report on Cats closing. It was pretty funny - Jon Stewart was describing the show, and he said that it was about political cats, skeptical cats . . . he went on to name every type of cat that is said in the Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats song. He also showed a clip of Jennyanydots (thanks, Atominya!).
  • The Daily Show+
    _____ At the end of the show when they show credits, to the left the characters are dressed as someone else. Mr. O' Neil was dressed as the Rum Tum Tugger.
  • Daria+
    _____ He was talking about Andrew Lloyd Webber buying several theatres in New York. It showed him at a press conference as they were talking, with several Cats behind him. You could plainly see Jacob Brent behind him. They then said that people thought and proved Andrew was copying music from an opera. They said they had "proof". They first played the opera. Then they would play a "sample of Rum Tum Tugger". They played the same opera, only with cats meowing (thanks, Mistoffelees!).
    _____ Daria's father, Jake, was talking to himself about his past high school experience in musicals. He said aloud, "I could write songs for Cats! I could write songs for dogs . . . !"
  • Days of Our Lives+
    _____ Chole was talking to a couple of her poodles about her music and she says there will be no pop or rock and roll here (because she only likes opera) and of course nothing from Cats because they were dogs (thanks, Jason!).
  • Designing Women+
    _____ Mary Jo's children are upset because she won't let them spend the night with their father because it's a school night. When she goes upstairs to talk to them there is a CATS poster in her daughters room (thanks, Tigress!).
  • Discovering America+
    _____ On this documentry on America, they do a segment on New York. And they mention Broadway and show the billbopard signs of Les Mis and Cats (thanks, Rubyfire!).

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