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Sapphire _____ I'm in the U.K. I'm looking for:
* Copy of the Making of Cats the Video on PAL VHS
* the lifesize cutouts of the Jemima and Demeter used to promote the video
* the USA Cats Calendar
* Any other rare merchandise (especially old programmes)
* Any magazine with Cats articles in them
* China figurine made in the early 80's (I think) of Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer
Sara I have to trade the Cats video. I'm looking for a costume or costume parts like a wig or anything of CATS.
Shandi I have nothing to trade. I just need to know where I could find a Rumpelteazer (and if possible an Alonzo and Etctera) wig thing or how to make them.
Shadow I am willing to pay, do art commissions or costume components. I am looking for foreign Cats Cds. I already have the Bway and the German ones, but I am looking for others.
Sillabub I'll make you some warmers and tail for a CATS costume. A rarely used pic of Sillabub.
Sillabub The MP3 of Nick Searle and Veerle Casteleyn performing 'Mungojerrie & Rumpelteazer'; any handmade costume parts; and if nothing works out I have cash. I'm looking for information on Helen Massie, the voiceover for Veerle Casteleyn in the video.
Skimbletrus I have a handmade 26 inch Jemima tail that comes w/ a 50 inch belt (red, black, brown, soft white). I'll give [Jemima tail] for either $10 including shipping or a styrofoam wig head (from anywhere, doesn't have to be authentic!).
Sluggy02 I am also willing to trade a Cats special editon two set video. I am looking for a Cassandra wig, a Munkustrap wig, and a Mistoffelees wig.
Sonny I can trade a Mistoffolees type mask for anything to do with Cats (within reason). _____
Steph Art prints of original cats pics. Size: 5.9x8.3 in.
(Pencil and Water color)
Art for sale, too.
A white cats wig.
Stephanie I want to trade the following stuff: Cats-Art (copies), The German, Austrian, N.Y. (selections) and the original recording on MC, lots of pics (I've more than 500 in my computer), and I'm willing to pay money. I'm looking for a white wig, the Australian and the French Cats-recording, a Cats-shirt, and everything else.
Sun Mi Hin Has several rare and not-so-rare musical soundtracks (and other CD's). E-mail for a list of what she has to trade. Those who do can pick a few CD's for her to copy. Copy of the Making of Cats special on a VHS tape. Will to trade for a bootleg copy if it's not illegal. :-)
Taline I am willing to pay in cash. Otherwise, if you want something, I'll try to get it. But cash is your best bet. Really desperate kitty here! Please contact ASAP! I am looking for the 2000 calendar that was sold on Broadway, the one with Jacob Brent and Billy Johnstone. I also would like the playbill from the final performance on September 10, the one with the tear.
Terra I will be willing to pay for them. Any Cats soundtracks, pictures, programs, and playbills. Basically anything to do with Cats.
Tgurll Willing to pay well for either items. Has to some playbills from the Elgin production and Massey Hall production to trade. Will be putting up one of four Cats costumes (Massey Hall production - Rumpleteazer swing unitard worn by Karen Egan) for sale on Ebay in the near future. Would like the costume to go to a true fan. Contact if you want pictures, and they will be forwarded in advance of auction. Canadian Cats souvenir program and any Canadian video news clips of Cats.
Tom _____ I am looking for a CD that has the whole Cats show on it. Preferebly with the cast from the movie, but anything will do. Also any pictures of Jacob Brent as Misto.
Top Cat I have two Cats cast recordings on vinyl I am willing to sell or trade for the Australian Cats CD. The original London cast and the Paris cast. They are both double LP sets complete with lyrics. Both are in good condition. I have updated to CD's and no longer need them! I also have the Broadway cast records but they have been played a lot! Australian Cats CD
Triskell bomba legwarmers, bomba tail (fluffy), collar with small spikes (black), bomba gloves (view), german cast (2 cds, hamburg), vienna cast (1 cd hightlights), bway cast (2 cds/1 cd highlights), rent german version with john partridge (2 cds), olc (2 cds), paris recording (on tape), australian recording (2 cds), cd-rom with pictures from the vienna production (scans brochure 88/89 with original cast pics, and of book "Cats in Vienna" (in German) by Peter Weck). i also knit (for money) legwarmers. price depending on wool and on time it takes me. videos (vhs/pal): cats + making of vienna production (bad quality), bootleg of hamburg performance (very good quality), for any more details, e-mail me. i take money ;D. i'm also looking for a video tape of jacob brent on the rosie o'donnell show, any video footage with jacob brent, steve barton or wayne sleep as well as recordings featuring them. cats cds from the norwegian, swedish, dutch, japanese casts, paris recording on cd.
Troy _____ I am looking for a copy of the London cast recording on two CD's.
Vicky I will gladly pay for all costs . . . I need CATs playbills.. Broadway and/or London. Preferably one's that have at least one or more characters form the video on them (for my site). And 'The Making of Cats' would be good too, seeings how it isn't released in the U.S.
Victoria I cannot trade anything. I am looking for pictures of Victoria for my website.
Victoria the White Cat
(a.k.a. Christine)
Extensive list of CATS items up for trade. Hundreds of pictures from international productions like the French, Australian, Canadian, Japanese, Mexican, England, and Hamburg productions of CATS. If it played around the world, I probably have it. Huge audio and video collection of news clips, memorabila, and others.

Have handmade and authentic stuff to sell like costume pieces, set peices and others. Would like to trade for online pics and photos of international CATS productions, like backstage photos. Can even make audio CDs for trades. Have the Video Cast audio on CD too.

Backstage Broadway and Hamburg,and other countries, photos of the characters in costume. Online pic trades, or by snail mail. Also looking for Japanese Programs and Playbills, Australian Tour 3, "Asian Tour" souviener brochure, Viennese CATS show on PAL, or NTSC, full show, costume unitards from broadway, and pics from worldwide productions. Looking for a CATS Cast Jacket. Also looking for CATS Singapore brochure and the "Making of CATS" video, as well as the DUTCH CAST LP! If anyone can make a cd of that lp, I would be most grateful and will PAY top dollar for a copy! High as 400 dollars for it...if it's authentic.
Vickytoria I'm willing to pay. I'm English, so I will pay in pounds. I want any part of any female costume (not Grizabella or Griddlebone) handmade or bought.
Whimsey _____ Anything having to do with the Cats video (except the actual video because I already have that) or any of the actors in it, especially Drew Varley and Jo Gibb for my site. I want stuff of the actors when they are in other things besides Cats also. If you have something like this then we can work out a reasonable price.
Yessica I am willing to pay for them. I need wigs and ears for almost all characters. I'm not sure where to purchase or begin looking for them. It's for a school musical.
Zoe I have to trade a collar for a costume (black w/ 8 small studs) and any fic/art by me of of my website. I'm looking for a CD of the Strasbourg, Paris, and/or the West End versions.

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