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Email Has to trade Looking For
Emily _____ I need a Victoria wig for Halloween.
Erica _____ I am looking for a Jemima style wig for a reasonable price.
Etcy I'll pay!! I'm looking for either an Etcetera or RumpleTeazer Wig, and just about anything I can use for either of those costumes, I'll pay!!
FaithP413 I will trade a full authentic Rum Tum Tigger costume or pay. I am looking for any full authentic costumes from Cats. Especially Grizabella, Rumpleteazer.
Fleckenfell In return, I will make you leg or arm warmers, a tail, or a Cats Barbie. I'm looking for the Swedish, French, or any Non-English recordings of the show. I have Broadway, Hamburg, and Japan. I'm also looking for a Cats t-shirt.
Fleetpaw Broadway recording, current Broadway programs, Playbills, advertising pieces, etc. Pretty much anything available of the Broadway production, being I live very close and could pick up nearly anything such as t-shirts, hats, buttons, whatever. More rare items, such as jackets, costumes or costume parts (authentic or fan-made), limited edition pins, pieces of scenery. Pretty much anything considered rare. Also, I'm interested in international cast recordings, pretty much everything except Broadway, London, French, and German.


I will trade a customized drawing for you, either thru eMail or thru snail mail. I am looking for anyone who will make some graphics for my site. Or anyone who has some good pictures of CATS characters I can put up in my "Characters" section on my website.
Gary I may have other Cats related items to trade I am looking for a Munkustrap wig for money

_____ I'm looking for pictures from different productions. I don't need any pictures from England, America, or the video. I'm looking for pics from France, Germany, Japan, China, Mexico, etc.
Gianluca ______ I'm just searching for a Cats black t-shirt.
Ivy Pics, castlists and bios from the Swedish, Australian, and different London casts (incl. video cast members). Tape copies of Cats (or other musicals) recordings, etc. Ask and I'll see if I have it. :-) I can get stuff from the West End shows. * I am just desperately looking for a video recording of the Children In Need" Gala, which was shown on British TV on Nov. 17th. If anyone recorded it I would love a copy!
Jekyll's Kitty I am willing to pay for a copy. I am looking for the "Making of 'CATS' Video" if anyone has it.
Jellicity Selections from the B'way production Australian Cats CD, also any pics for my website.
Jemima57 I've got the French Cats lyrics. I'm looking for any castlist, specially London 1997 and 1998, any Jemima/Sillabub picture, and anything related to Cats in France.
Jemima-Misto _____ I'm looking for Jacob Brent pics (personally taken) and the video recording of Cats.
Jen _____ I am looking for the original Broadway cast playbill from Cats.
Jo I would REALLY like any part of Mungojerrie or Rumpleteazer's costume [or both] either bought or made I dont mind. For example- Leg warmers, arm warmers, wigs, unitards. Just as long as its Mungojerrie or Rumpleteazer style. I have nothing to tarde so I will pay money [English]. I'M A DESPERATE KITTEN SO PLEASE CONTACT ME IF YOU CAN HELP.
John I own one of the only COMPLETE Grizabella costumes still in existence. It was purchased from Broadway Cares following the closing of Cats. I paid $4,000 for the costume. I would like to get at least that [$4,000] back or best offer.
Jonathan I will pay. A soundtrack of the Cats video on CD
Joperina I am willing to pay in English money [pounds]!!!!! I need the WIGS and TAILS for most of the CATS characters [especially Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer] as I am doing a production. Please contact me if you can help, I AM A VERY DESPERATE KITTY!!!!!!
Josh i have a handmade rum tum tugger costume. i was just in A Local production of cats. It has a black leotard (bottom half is cut off) and black jazz pant. It has leopard spotted cuffs and ankles, also a leopard spotted chest. The chest is outlined in brown fur with brown and black REAL duck feather. the fur also goes over shoulders about 6 inches. Also comes with belt. (Exact match to that in video), Tail and mock biker gloves, also comes with wig. Pants and leotard are capezio brand. Costumes looks awsome. I need to sell bwecause i spent over 100$ making costume and i now i have no use for it. Will only sell... Will only sell...
Joy I can trade a original cast Cats poster, and I can pay. I'm looking for a Bombalurina, Demeter, or Jemima/Sillabub style wig.
Katie _____ I am looking for anything I may use to put together a CATS costume of one of the female characters (except Grizabella or Griddlebone.) Also looking for Cats poster sold in NYC. Brown background, few cats in a pyramid.
Ken I'm willing to trade the tape of some songs from Cats in return. I am looking if anybody knows or has information on how to join the Australian cast.
Kes I can get almost anything to trade with. If I haven't got it, I'll get it! I'm looking for anything to do with Cats!
Kitty Dancer I will gladly pay. I'm looking for pics of Jacob Brent out of makeup.

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