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  • Kansas City Baseball Team
    ______ The Kansas City baseball team is the Royals and their mascot is a lion named Sluggerrr. Sluggerrr has a special trading card he hands out to kids at the games. The card lists some of his favorite things, all with catty jokes. Like his marital status is "still on the prowl" and his favorite food is "the other team". Anyway, guess what his favorite musical is? Yeppers. It's Cats (thanks, Ozzie!).
  • LegoLand [Southern California]
    ______ They have a Lego version of New York City which includes Broadway, of course! They have signs for some musicals like Beauty and the Beast and Chicago, and they also have a clock that looks exactly like the Jellicle Moon (thanks, Kalliroscope!).
  • Life
    ______ On this cd-rom game, if you land on the square "Invest in Broadway Play" it shows two guys standing off stage and an actor that is dressed like Rum Tum Tugger, but has a really bad costume. The guys off stage will say one of two things:
    ___________ 1.) First guy: "This is increadible! Its unbelieveable! Nothing has ever been done like this before. I call it, 'Kittens'!" or
    ___________ 2.) Second guy: "Um, hasn't something like this already been done before?" (thanks, Cerrita!).
  • Live for Broadway Kids Website
    ______ Cats is mentioned several times, but they call "Memory" "Memories" (thanks, Ozzie!).
  • London's Football Stadium
    ______ In London, we are trying to build a new football stadium [around May 15, 2001], and it is not going very well. The whole thing has stopped, so in our Parliament building one MP, our version of a senator, demanded to know what has gone wrong. He said, "Is it the government's fault or the Football Association, or is it a case of Macavity's not there?" Thanks, Steve!
  • Love Test Website
    ______ I was just on this love test, testing me and my crush, and I was reading what it said about us, and when I got to the end of the page it said, "You two are better than Cats and more touching than Phantom." Thanks, Sara!
  • Millenium Stamps
    ______ The new millennium stamps feature Cats? My friend said that her mom was looking though a magazine that showed the new stamps and it had cats from Cats on them. They might be coming out in May (thanks, Demeter!).
  • Mummers Parade 2001
    ______ During the Comics Division, one of the sub-divsion of the Mother Club Murray did a Cats related theme - "Going to the S.P.C.A." They had a bunch of Vicci lookalikes, including a bunch of pink ones, and a Misto-looking person wandering around. The cats (except the Misto looking one) played with a big ball of yarn, then they were captured by a bunch of dogs (thanks, Zoe!).
    ______ Also in the Mummers is the Brummel String Band. They haven't done anything Cats related, but if you think about it, their name is in Bustopher Jones (thanks, Zoe!).
  • Mungo Jerry
    ______ At this site, the name of one of the songs "In the Summertime" was performed by a band called Mungo Jerry (thanks, Fleckenfell!). By the way, Cat Morgan (Hector M.) has said that Mungo Jerry was a band sometime in the 1970's.
    ______ Just to add to the little snippet about the band Mungo Jerry: it was a band who hit it big in 1975 with "In the Summertime". They wanted to bring back skiffle, a type of jug band music that supposedly started in England. I don't think their name is related to the musical. One of the band members names was Jerry (thanks, Disco Dawn!).
  • Newspaper Article
    ______ In a newspaper article by Bill Elvirino (it ran in January 1999, and was reprinted January 2000), he commented on how the Shop-Rite can commercial runs every January, and has been for what seems like a long time. He says "Probably longer than Cats." Thanks, Fleetpaw!
  • NHS Quiz Team
    ______ I participate in NHS quiz team and at a tournament one of the questions was, "What is the longest running broadway show?" Thanks, Aurora!
  • The Nickelodean Show
    ______ At Kings Island in Cincinnati Ohio, there is a show called the Nicolodean show where a bunch of characters from Nick sing songs. Well, Catdog comes out and sings this song about the beach, but Angelica says it is an awful song. This is how it goes:
    ______Cat: You didn't like the song?
    ______Well, we can do that one from Cats!
    ______Dog: Which one from Cats, cat?
    ______Cat: You know . . . Memory?
    ______Dog: Erg, sorry I can't remember. Oh, wait! It's coming to me now! Nope, it's gone.
    ______Angelica: Who wants to see a stupid show about Cats anyway?
    ______[Everyone on stage jumps around saying, "Me! Me!"]
    ______DJ: Sorry, guys . . . it closed!

    ______Thanks, Kat Purr!
  • Off the Mark
    ______ View this Cats sighting here.
    ______ It is from January 22, 1999. The comic strip is by Mark Parisi (thanks, Birana!)
  • Pandora's Box
    ______ On this computer game, one of the overlap puzzles, it shows the corner of Broadway *I think* and it has those HUGE billboards for the musicals. They had 'Beauty and the Beast, a huge sky scraper, a McDonalds joint *seriously!* and Cats! It was way down in the corner, but it was their anyways (thanks, Cerrita!).
  • Playbill Website
    ______ In the features section the diary of Stephen Hanan (original cast member). Very interesting read (thanks, R.J.!)!
  • Quiz Bowl Tournament
    ______ I was on my eighth grade quiz bowl team and at a tournament, one of the questions was, "At the end of Cats, which cat is chosen to go the Heaviside Layer?" Thanks, Colleen!
  • Radio
    ______ This guy is talking to his sister or girlfriend or cousin, "Hey you remember the time you danced in front of everyone in your poodle skirt? Remember when you ate all the something I can't remember what. Oh, oh how about when cousin Fred gave you his family heirloom incrusted with rubies and you gave him your Cats souvenir T-shirt?!" Thanks, Hailey!
  • Radio in Paris, France
    ______ When I was entering Paris, France, they played "Memory" in English on the radio. What was cool was I think it was sung by Elaine Paige (thanks, Fleckenfell!).
  • Restaurant
    ______ A restaurant I went to in Arizona had a New York theme. There were a lot of posters from Broadway shows on the walls, Cats included (the reddish one with the OBC in a pyramid). Cats and The Phantom of the Opera had the honor of being painted on the walls. The painted billboards were floating above a hot dog stand. Cats was in front, had painted lights around it, and real lights outlining the words (thanks, Birana!).
  • Road to El Dorado Website
    ______ They have a Mastercard Trivia Game. On the third question they ask, what Rosie Perez's first big break in show business was, and one of the choices is, "In a production of "Cats" of Broadway" (thanks, Powder!).
  • Texas
    ______ When we were down in Texas for Easter, we went to this store and started looking around. The store was playing Cats music in MIDI form. They played "The Jellicle Ball" and "Memory" (thanks, Kari!).
  • Warner Brothers Store (New York City)
    ______ When you go on the escalator from the first floor to the second, they have signs that look like they're from musicals, but with a Warner Brothers twist. There's a black sign that says "Puddies" (Tweety's word for "cats") in white, and Sylvester eyes with Tweety's shadow in them (thanks, Fleetpaw!).
  • World Series - Yankees Party
    ______ At the Yankees party thing for when they won the world series this year, the announcer was making fun of how many NY shows there were there, like the Rockettes. Then he joked about how they would have the cast of Cats next year (thanks, Froster!).
  • You Don't Know Jack (Vol. 3)
    ______ The category was "Scoopin' Out the CatsTM Box". The question was worth $4,000 and was a fill-in the blank which goes as follows: It's so easy to leave me, all alone in the _______.
    ______ The category was "Champions With Accessories" (or something similar) which also led up to the Jack Attack. One of the options that continued to pop up was 'tickets to Cats!'
  • Zits
    ______ This is from the comic "Zits." Hector was talking about how he had a song stuck in his head and would only tell Jeremy it was a show tune. Jeremy asked, "Is it from Cats?" Hector said, "No, it's not from Cats." It turned out to be "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria" from The Sound of Music (thanks, Centrylynna and CHRBroadway!).

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