Hunt the Mouse

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You are hunting a mouse (a large mouse, that is) in the pathways of the Jellicle Junkyard. Each path is connected by three other paths. You'll find out if you hear bats, feel a draft, or smell a mouse.

If you feel a draft, that means you're next to a path leading to a pit. If you go down that path, you'll fall into the pit and die.

If you hear bats, that means you're next to a path with a giant bat that can snatch you and take you to other places.

If you smell a mouse, you're next to a path with the mouse in it. You want to try firing at it to kill it, but if you go through the path, you could get eaten (told you it was a big mouse) or it will just leave down another path.

You can fire an arrow into a neighboring path by hitting "Fire." If the mouse is there, it might leave so you miss or you hit it and .

The object of the game is to kill the mouse without getting killed yourself (we're dealing with a dangerous rodent, folks). Good luck and have fun!

the glow hole

Pathway Number:
You hear bats.
You feel a draft.
You smell a mouse.
Pathways lead to:

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