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  • WHERE - New York Magazine, June 2000 (thanks, Bombalurina!).
  • Teen People, April 1999 on p. 44 (picture).
  • "Cats": Broadway's Longest-Lived Show - from E! Online, June 1997.
  • The Phantom of the Opera Playbill - May 1997 - thanks, Shadow the Ghost Cat!
  • New York, November 23, 1992. Thanks, Carbucketty!
  • Theatre Journal, December 1982. Has article and pictures (thanks, Sillabub!).
  • Newsweek, October 11, 1982 on p. 80-86.
  • Time, September 27, 1982 on p. 74-75.

  • Catfancy, June 2000, p.9
    ______ There's an article on the closing of Cats and two Broadway pictures of the cast and one of Grizabella (thanks, Bomby The Red Cat!).
    ______ In at least two issues of Cat Fancy magazine, they have had stuff about Cats. One was the September 2000 issue, they were talking about the closing of the Broadway production. Another time they had two Cats puzzles, a word search and something where they scrambled the letters of Cats names (thanks, Kalliroscope!).
  • Cats and Kittens, July 2000
    ______ Mevima has typed up the article! Read it here.
  • Cleo
    ______ This is an Australian magazine. There was a picture and interview of Richard O'Brien (Autralian Rum Tum Tugger). The section was called "Cleo's 50 Hottest Bachelors of 1999/2000" (thanks, Claire!).
  • Damark
    ______ Actually, this is a catalog. It's a CD collection called Romantic Strings which includes "Memory". In this catalog, it's item number is B-30330-679353.
  • Dance, September 1999
    ______ They feature a pullout timeline which has a short caption about Cats on it along with a small picture of Demeter and Bombalurina (thanks, Lixue!)
  • Dance Spirit, October 1999, p.122
    ______ There is a great article on Gillian Lynne and her choreography for Cats, The Phantom of the Opera, and more. There's so much cool info including her opinion of the new Cats video and new choreography (thanks, Jennikous!).
  • Dance Spirit, December 1999
    ______ They have a picture of Meg Gillentine (former Broadway Cassandra), with the caption "Meg Gillentine, a Cats veteran, is now on tour with Fosse." It is on page 68. On page 70, she gives audition tips. Also, in a listing of summer jobs for dancers, it shows a picture from Hershey Park's musical review, the Cats part (thanks, Fleetpaw!).
  • Dance Spirit, February 2000
    ______ On page 68, there is a picture of Caitlin Carter in Swing!, and you can just barely see Michael Gruber's head in the background. There is also a direct reference to 'Cats' on page 88. In the top, right corner is a picture of Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer, as portrayed by Billy Johnstone and Dana Solimando. Billy is the current Coricopat. Dana gives a wonderful description of Teazer (thanks, SmudgeKat!).
  • Dance Spirit, February 2001, p.37-38
    ______ It has an article about Rachelle Rak who once performed in the B'Way CATS as Bombalurina, probably as an understudy. It tells about how she saw CATS when she was 14 and wanted to perform in it and eventually soon after did, including her saying how a day would be like working in it. On page 38, there's a pic of her in her dressing room (I think) in her Bombalurina "cat suit." I'm not sure the year she performed but behind her in the pic is a cast board with a few names: "Susan Powers, Angel Caban, Carol Dilley, Nina Henessey, Alaine Kashian, Maria Jo Ralabate, Amy Splitt, Heidi Stallings, Sally Ann Swarm, and Larissa Thurston. It also says that when she sat watching the final performance of CATS on September 10, 2000, she couldn't help but think: "This is the show that changed my life." Thanks, Mista!
  • Dancing Times, June 2001
    ______ This is a photo of Lindsey Wise playing Jemima in London (thanks, Steve!). Click for a thumbnail [116K - recommended for most computers] or the entire image [at 1.14MB, I recommend having a cable modem (or higher) or a lot of patience].
  • Dancing Times, September 1978
    ______ I found an article which shows Rosemarie Ford winning the Miss Dance Great Britain contest in front of an audience of two-thousand, aged 17. Her surname at the time was Poundford (thanks, Steve!).
  • Girls Life, April/May 2000
    ______ They have a small column called "Last Laugh," and it was titled "If Cats Performed CATS." There was a small paragraph about the Broadway closing on June 25 and the general history. They then said that it would be fun if real cats performed CATS. Suggestions included:
    ___________o The antagonist in the show would be a giant vacuum cleaner.
    ___________o Part of the performance would include the cast climbing and shredding the theater curtains.
    ___________o Most of the final act would consist of the cast just sitting and staring blankly at the audience (thanks, Alegria!).
  • Entertainment: Best of 2000, December 22 - 29, 2000
    ______ They do a recap of the year, and it includes "End of the Feline" and a small paragraph about Cats (thanks, Zia!).
  • National Geographics, September 1990, p.72
    ______ There is a picture you could probably get the issue at a library for. Thanks, Hailey!
  • Newsweek, June 18, 2001
    ______ There is an article about the new musical called "The Producers". Along with it is a table comparing "The Producers" to four other musicals in advance sales at opening and the top ticket prices. Cats is one of the four, and a small picture of Jennyanydots in her Gumbie coat is beside the table. By the way, CATS had $6.2 million in advance sales at opening and $40 as the top ticket price (thanks, Rumplestella!).
  • Newsweek, December 2000
    ______ I was reading through the double issue and found a section with short summarys and ratings of the last ten years. The title of the section was "So Easy to Leave Me All Alone With the Memories" (thanks, Rhysa!).
  • New York Times - Friday, April 21, 2000
    ______ View this article here.
    ______ There was an article about Cats. I typed it up and scanned one of the pictures (here, of Marlene Danielle). Thanks, Birana!
  • Nickelodeon
    ______ There is a certain Cats article in a certain issue: "After five incredible years at NICKELODEON MAGAZINE, associate art director Nancy Leonard has moved on. We are sad to see her go. Also ending its run is Cats, a musical that has played in our neighborhood since 1982. We wonder if the show's feline cast will team up with Nancy for a big, give-my-regards-to-Broadway bash." Thanks, Mistoffeless!
  • PBS
    ______ In some magazine (I forgot which one, but it was a magazine published by PBS), there was a comic strip in which the characters were putting on a play. The play was "DOGS" and they were all dressed up like canines (animals, not teeth). I also remember two characters standing on a huge doggie biscuit that was lifting into the air (thanks, Ozzie!).
  • People, August 2, 1999
    ______ Click on the link above to view article and photo (thanks, Pawlinger!). Text version of article can be found here.
    ______ I would like to add an article on the closing of Cats. It has pictures of Grizabella, Jellylorum, Gus/Asparugus, Sillabub, and Tumblebrutus (thanks, R.J.!).
  • Reader's Digest, December 1997
    ______ View the image here.
    ______ The basic story is about a little boy called (not named) Patreascu, who was found at a Rumanian orphanage by a brittish woman. Due to serious neglect and illness he is highly disabled, can hardly move, and doesn't talk at all. The woman, Beverly, arranges for him to come to England, where he goes through major surgery, slowly starts to recover, and is finally adopted by Beverly and her husband. Now to the slightly shortened translation of the Cats part. I have chosen to write it in first person, as it is in the article. There were a few problems translating it, mostly because the Swedish language has a combined word for actor and actress. But except from that I think it should be okay:
    __________ On his his fifth birthday, in December 1992, we took Patreascu to the musical Cats. At first he was terrified when the "cats" approached him. They noticed he was afraid though, so they backed off and layed down instead, and stretched out in front of him. He reached out and tapped a dazzlingy white cat, and rubbed his face in her fur. From that moment on, he was totally enchanted by the show. In the interval we were invited to visit the ensamble backstage. The actors and actresess were absolutely wonderful. They let him pat the furs, and they encouraged him to show he could walk without his crutches. In the second act, Patreascu suddenly caught sight of his favourite character, Rum Tum Tugger [Christopher Howard - West End 1992], who he had spent most of the interval with. "Kitty-ca'!" he called out in delight. His very first words.
    ______ I think the story of the boy's recovery has been published as a book. If this is the case, the book is called Do Robins Cough?, and is written by Beverly Peberdy (thanks, Ivy and Alissa!).
  • Seventeen, October 2001
    ______ A girl writes into "The Humiliating Moments" about how she was humiliated while going on a class field trip to see Cats (thanks, CHRBroadway!).
  • Seventeen, September 1999, p.196:
    ______ "Billings' main theater, the Alberta Bair Theater, presents community plays as well as national shows like Cats." Thanks, Skitty!
  • Soap Opera Digest, January 29th Edition (approximately)
    ______ There's an article on a soap opera actress who played Sillabub for nine months. She talks about how hard it was to be in Cats because it went entirely against all of her dance training and how somebody was almost always injured (thanks, Demari!).
  • Teen
    ______ They were looking at the rooms of some celebrities, and some girl (the girl how plays Libby on Sabrina the Teenage Witch) had a Cats playbill (thanks, CHRBroadway!).
  • Times
    ______ When Cats celebrated its 18th birthday this year, the Times culture section had an advert saying "Cats 18th birthday!" below was a picture of a dog saying "Lifes a b*tch!" Thanks, Sapphire Jellicle!
  • TV Guide - Cats Article
    ______ If you would like to read the text version of the article, please click here. If you would like to view a scanned photo of the article (with a picture of some of the characters), click here (thanks for scanning the photo, Froster!)
  • TV Guide - "Cats Lands on TV"
    ______ If you would like to read the text version of the article, please click here. If you would like to view a scanned photo of the article (with a picture of some of the characters), click here (thanks for scanning the photo, Froster!)
  • Vanity Fair, August 1999
    ______ On p. 124 is an article titled "Sets and Setsibility: Venn Diagrams for the 90s". It features various Venn diagrams. One of the diagrams, down at the bottom, shows two circles interlocking. The left circle says "Now" and the right circle says "Forever." The result? Cats! It also has a picture of Macavity (thanks, Jemima Mistoffelees!).
  • Wizard: The Guide to Comics
    ______ Every year, Wizard does a Halloween costume contest where fans can submit pics of themselves dressed as comic book characters, video game characters, etc. But the editors of the mag always put a funny caption with the pics to make it look like they're saying something, to make fun of the people dressed up.
    ______ Well, one of the pics this year was of two guys dressed as the comic book characters Dr. Doom and Thor. Above the guy dressed as Dr. Doom, they put in the caption "The singing, the dancing . . . it was delightful!" Then above the guy dressed as Thor, they have the caption "Now and forever . . .'Cats'." Thanks, Nebula!

    For some additional articles, please go here.

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