Cats Fan Clique

Cat EyesCat EyesCat Eyes

Are you a fan of Cats, the longest-running musical in theatre history? Then show it off! All you have to do is display this graphic on your site:


Please save and upload the image to your own server. Then please link it to this address so others may show that they're fans too:

Just copy and paste this code after you've finished uploading the image.

<A HREF=""> <IMG SRC="catsfan.gif" ALT="Cats Fan" BORDER=0></A>

You may have to change the filename of the image in the code if you renamed the image something else as you were saving it.

If you don't know how to copy and paste, there are three different ways. First highlight the code and right-click and choose Copy. Or after highlighting, you could go to Edit and choose Copy. Or after highlighting, you can press Ctrl + C*. To Paste, do whatever you did above basically, but choose Paste. However, if you used the keyboard (which I believe to be the fastest way), press Ctrl + V*.

Cat EyesCat EyesCat Eyes

* Varies from computer to computer, so may not work.