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  • A Dictionary of Cats
    _____ Cats is mentioned several times. The first definition is Cats which reads, "A popular Broadway musical based on Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats." The second is another word for a cat lover which mentions T.S Eliot and says, "Is this the reason that he wrote the poems that would one day be Cats?" Thanks, Ricfam!
  • Algebra 2: An Intergrated Approach
    _____ On p. 61, there is a little picture of Skimbleshanks and Jennyanydots from "The Gumbie Cat" (I haven't a clue why it's Skimble instead of Munkustrap - he's wearing the vest, too!). Anyway, there are a couple of problems dealing with Cats as well as the picture (thanks, Jadadaye!).
  • Algebra I
    _____ They mention some Broadway musicals and Cats (along with Phantom) is mentioned (thanks, Colleen!).
  • Algebra II
    _____ There was this question that had to do with the longest running musicals, and there was this adorable pictures of Skimble playing with the Jennyanydots tail (thanks, Casio!).
  • All I Know About Animal Behavior I Learned in Loehmann's Dressing Room, by Erma Bombeck
    _____ The quote is on pg. 165 as follows:
    _____ "When I worked for Good Morning America we thought it would be fun if I went to see Andrew Lloyd Webber's stage hit CATS with Morris, the highest paid cat in television." Thanks, Jemima Mistoffelees!
  • America: The People and the Dream
    _____ p.289 - This is a chapter review and they ask you to do an activity using poets. One of the poets is T.S. Eliot (thanks, Kari!).
    _____ p.455 - It begins talking about musicals, and I quote, "The British import, Cats, which was very popular, toured the nation." Thanks, Kari!
  • Beauty and the Beast: A Celebration of the Broadway Musical
    _____ Terrence Mann, the original Broadway Tugger, played the Beast in the original cast of "Beauty and the Beast". On page 96, it says "There was never any question that Mann, who had played Rum Tum Tugger in 'CATS' and Javert in 'Les Miserables', would be convincing . . ." etc, etc, etc. (thanks, Ozzie!)
  • Beauty and the Beast: the Musical
    _____ On the inside front cover of the London production of Disney's Beauty and the Beast: the Musical is a picture of Jemima holding the Cats video. It advertises that the video will be available in October (it's kind of old, I guess) and suggests you should go to (thanks, Kati Etcetera!).
  • Bridget Jones's Diary
    _____ Jerome had left him again, after first taking him back and the get together with is old boyfriend, who was a member of the Cats course (one of Bridget's best friends aren't straight, so it is him this is about). Thanks, Lone!
  • Broadway: Day and Night
    _____ The book is available at the Broadway Cares/Equity Fights Aids website (thanks, R.J.!).
  • Bye Bye Boyfriend
    _____ Starring Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, the twins are performing the play "Bye Bye Birdie." Ashley can't sing, so she signs up for the job as assitant fashion designer. When the head fashion is giving her instructions, she says "and don't mention to Miss So and So the costumes from Cats. Talk about hairballs!" Later the girls are talking about a girl competing with Mary-Kate for the lead of "Bye Bye Birdie" and someone says "Last year Valerie (Mary-Kate's Opponent) played the lead hairball in Cats." Cats is mentioned several other times as well (thanks, Morgan!).
  • Carpe Jugulum, p.43
    _____ When Greebo the cat is found curled up asleep on the throne, Nanny Ogg is ordered to take them off and she says "I guess a cat can look at king." I'm pretty sure it refers to Cats (thanks, Rubyfire!).
  • Cat Crimes for the Holidays, p.223
    _____ There is a story called "Death of a Glamour Cat" which focuses on an actress who played Grizabella and her mysterious murder (thanks, Bomby Aerin!).
  • Cats on a Chandelier: The Andrew Lloyd Webber Story, by Michael Coveney
    _____ View book cover.
    _____ It has a large chapter on the opening night of "Cats" in London, as well has how the idea developed (thanks, Becky!).
  • The Cat Who Came for Christmas
    _____ The author mentioned the musical several times, and when trying to name his cat, he copied The Naming of Cats (thanks, Demeter1111!).
  • The Cat Who Talked to Ghosts, by Lillian Jackson Braun.
    On p. 156 has the following line: "Oh no, you don't, young man!" Qwilleran scolded as he carried him back into the house. "Where do you think you're going? To the Jellicle Ball with the barncats?"
  • The Cat Who Went into the Closet
    _____ On p. 38 about mid-page, "The Rum Tum Tugger Syndrome" (thanks, Gintora!).
  • Chronicle of America
    _____ In the time-line, there is one itty-bitty sentance that mentions Cats. I don't remember exactly what it says, and the book is far to thick to go in search of it, but I do know it's there (thanks, Ozzie!).
  • The Compleat Works of Wllm. Shkspr. (Abridged), Footnote #72
    ______ "THE BAD PLAYS: among the other 'apocrypha' are many which didn't make it into standard lists of Shakespeare's complete works these include the tragedies 'Sir Thomas More' and 'A Yorkshire Tale' as well as comedies 'Ye Odd Couple' and early musicals such as 'Ye Cats', 'Ye Miserables', and 'Joseph and Ye Amazing Technicolor Dreamdoublet" (thanks, Zia!).
  • The Dark Side, by Stephen King
    _____ A poster of Cats becomes the center of attention in a chapter. As the lead writes down a lot of loose words under some sort of trance, he writes down "Cats now and forever". Later, a woman is found murdered, and she has a Broadway poster in her apartment (thanks, Stratyon!).
  • Dream Sister, by A. Jones
    _____ The girls win a trip to go and see Cats in Indiana (thanks, Kate!).
  • Elements of Writing, Revised Edition, Introductory Course by James L. Kinneavy and John E. Warriner, p.484
    _____ The sentence was: In New York, Julia saw the musical Cats (thanks, Hannah!).
  • The Encyclopedia Of Movie Stars
    _____ This is a book that chronicles a lot of movie stars from the 1910's to the 80's. One of the celebs in here is John Mills, Gus on the video (thanks, Ozzie!).
  • Eyewitness Books
    _____ They are kinda like science books for all ages, and each book is about something else: rocks, dogs, dinosaurs, fossils, and so on. Anyway, in the book about cats, it shows an illustration of Mistoffelees from "Old Possum's", and mentions the book. It doesn't talka bout the show, though (thanks, Ozzie!).
  • Eyewitness to the 20th Century
    _____ Cats is mentioned on the page for 1982. It says "Andrew Lloyd Webber's 'Cats' makes it Broadway debut". Thanks, Ozzie!
  • Fear Nothing, by Dean Koontz
    _____ There are several cats named after "Cats cats" (ex. Mungojerrie, Rum Tum Tugger, Rumpleteazer, Coricopat and Growltiger) on p.290 Headline Feature paperback. The only cat that takes place in the story (so far) is Mungojerrie (thanks, Morden!).
  • Garfield
    _____ One of the cartoons showed a picture of a bunch of cats wearing ties, coats, hats, dresses, and other clothes, lined up to buy tickets outside a theater. And what were these eloquently dressed felines going to see? "Humans" (thanks, Ozzie!).
  • Growltiger's Last Stand and Other Poems by T.S. Eliot
    _____ It has three poems - "Growltiger", "Song of the Jellicles", and "Pekes". On the back of the book, it mentions the Object of Our Obsession (thanks, Ozzie!).

  • 1999 Guiness Book of World Records on p.222 with an old picture.
  • 1998 Guiness Book of World Records on p.227-231. With pictures and short paragraph.
  • 1997 Guiness Book of World Records on p.294. A small section (thanks, Tantomile!).
  • King's Quest Companion Fourth Edition
    _____ In a hint book by Peter Spear for the King's Quest computer game, there's a spell from King's Quest V called "Tiger's Claw" where a person can transform into a tiger. One of the paragraphs reads:
    _____ "The only other big cats more feared than the jungle tiger are its larger relatives, the were-tiger and the saber-tooth tiger, Growl Tiger the Bravo Cat, and the mysterious Cheshire Cat . . ." Thanks, Jennine!
  • Komm mit! Practice and Activity Book - Holt German Level Two
    ______ On p. 26, it has a little story and it mentions Cats. Then on the next page, it has a tiny picture of three people under the Cats eye logo.
    ______ Here's the article in German:
    ___________ Zuerst sind wir nach Berlin gefahren. Dort haben wir erst mal ein Hotel gesucht, dann sind wir in ein Restaraunt gegangen, weil wir grossen Hunger hatten. Dann sind wir ins Theeater gegangen, wo wir "CATS" gesehen haben. Dann sind wir in ein Cafe gegangen und haben einen Cappuccino getrunken. Zuletzt sind wir zurueck zum Hotel gegangen. Ich bin dann gleich ins Bett gegangen. Mensch, war ich muede! Am zwieten Tag haben wir zuerst die Reste der Berliner Mauer besichtigt, dann haben wir mit einem Bus eine Stadtrundfart gemacht. Dann haben wir zu Mittag gegessen. Wir sind dann in den Zoo gegngen. Ich habe dort viel fotografiert, aber ich weiss leider nicht mehr, was wir zuerst gesehen haben und was zuletz.
    ______ Here's the article in English (using an online translator):
    ___________ First we drove to Berlin. There we looked only times a hotel up, then we went into a Restaraunt, because we had large hunger. Then we went into the Theater, where we saw Cats. Then we went into a cafe and to have a cappuccino drank. We went last back to the hotel. I went then directly to bed. Humans, I was tired! On the zwieten day we visited first the remainders of the citizens of Berlin wall, then we made a Stadtrundfart with a bus. Then we ate to noon. We are then into the zoo gegngen. I photographed there much, but I unfortunately do not know no more that we to have first seen and which zuletz (thanks, Evaearlong!).
  • Maskerade
    ______ Maskerade, a Discworld novel by Terry Prachett is a spoof of The Phantom of the Opera but includes lots of references to other musicals including Cats. Nanny Ogg find some manuscripts written by Walter Plinge and one of them includes "a lot of cats leaping around and singing". Thanks, Sapphire Jellicle!
  • Mr. Bean's Diary
    _____ On one of the pages he joins a poetry class and his homework is: 1. Bring a daffodill, 2. Ring T.S. Eliot (thanks, Mistoteazer!).
  • Mutts 4: Yesh!
    ______ Mutts is a comic strip in the U.S. It features a cat named Mooch and a dog named Earl. In one strip, the head title shows the Cats logo, only Mooch is dancing in one eye, and Earl is dancing in the other (like in the Cats logo), and Mutts is written like the logo. Through the comic strip, Mooch sings, and the last thing he sings are lines from "Memory", before Earl throws a boot at him.
  • Naming the Cat, by Laurence Pringle
    _____ In a picture book, they go to see Cats and in the next picture, there's a Cats poster with badly drawn Jellicle Eyes. The book is about a family who's looking for a name for their new cat that looks just like Mistoffelees. Now, you'd think that since they saw Cats they'd name it after him, right? They ended up naming it Lucky (thanks, Yvelle!).
  • Nine Scorpions
    _____ A woman named Lisa is in a slinky leapord spotted dress with ears and painted on wiskers. A guy named Max asks her if she is Mistoffelees or Jellylorum. She promptly replies "Rumpelteazer". He goes on to say "Oh, so you've seen the show?" and she says "No, when I was a kid I read T.S. Eliot's Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats." Thanks, Alliphoria!
  • Over the Hedge, February 15, 2001
    ______ In this comic, it had a group of punk kids in it, and one was wearing a Cats shirt (thanks, Shadis!).
  • Pockets: Cats
    ______ It's a book about cats, the animal, but there's a little entry in the refrence section. It is as follows:
    ______ "Most famous fictional cats: the cat characters in T.S. Eliot's Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats (1939), on which the award-winning musical Cats is based." Thanks, Sam!
  • Replica
    _____ In the third book, they are making a movie. It was not at all meant to be a Cats joke or hidden message or anything like that, but the movie company is called "Electra Enterprises" (thanks, Peyton!).
  • Sabrina the Teenage Witch: Book 3
    _____ Libby dresses up as a cat and was going to sing Grizabella, and Salem says cats have people imitating them on Broadway (thanks, Crysta and Yvelle!).
  • The Sandman, by Neil Gaiman
    _____ It's in the book "Brief Lives". In one of the frames there is a Cats poster drawn in the backround (thanks, Zia!).
    _____ In the book "The Kindly Ones": Lucifer is playing the piano in a resturant and a man comes up and asks, "Will you play 'Memories' from Cats? You know, 'Miiiiidnight, all alone onn paaaaavement . . . that one." Lucifer replies, "I will not play 'MEMORY'." The man goes back to his wife, and she asks him, "Is he going to play 'Memories?'" (Thanks, Zia!)
  • Seize the Night, by Dean Koontz
    _____ There are several cats named after "Cats cats" (ex. Mungojerrie, Rum Tum Tugger, Rumpleteazer, Coricopat and Growltiger) on p.290 Headline Feature paperback. The only cat that takes place in the story (so far) is Mungojerrie (thanks, Morden!).
  • Sesame Street Unpaved
    _____ There's a character bio of the Count. It says that he is a Libra and that he shares his sign with (and I quote) "Charlton Heston (he sure could count those Commandments), Ed Sullivan (who counted those acts) and TS Eliot (who counted cats)." Thanks, Ozzie!
  • Stardust, by Alane Ferguson
    _____ The two main characters, Haley and Andy are trying to decide what their costumes for the Halloween dance should be. Haley announces that they should go as cats from Cats because she can do the makeup, knows where to get the wigs, and they would have different costumes from everyone else. Andy doesn't like her idea and says that the class already thinks he is weird and asks her to imagine what would happen if he came to the school dance dressed as a cat. The two don't end up going to the dance as cats, but go as their class mascot (thanks, Cara a.k.a. Broadwaykitty16!).
  • Theatre
    _____ There's a photograph of a Cats production in the book (forgot who wrote it, sorry). It says that Cats is a "popular musical worldwide" (thanks, Ricfam!).
  • TV Guide
    _____ In the issue on "100 Greatest Episodes of All Time", there's an article on cat woman (pg. 20). At the very end, it said, "The first cat woman remains the best. Meow and forever (thanks, Teazer Kitten!).
  • V: Death Tide, p.70
    _____ An excerpt: "On Saturday night, two days after he arrived, they took him to see a revival of Cats on Broadway." Thanks, Cat/Darkmage!
  • The Writer's Craft: Level 8
    _____ This sighting is from my language arts book The Writer's Craft: Level 8. One of the exercises to to correct punctuation and spelling errors in sentences they give you, and here are some of them (already corrected):
    ___________ 1.) Andrew Lloyd Webber set poems to music in the Broadway musical Cats.
    ___________ 2.) The poems were from T.S. Eliot's book "Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats."
    ___________ 3.) The most popular song from this show was "Memory."
    ___________ 4.) Critics said that "each cat has his or her own different voice, giving them each unique personalities."
    ______ Thanks, Jemima Mistoffelees!

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